Update from 1. July 2019: Many motorists were on Sunday on the A3 motorway in a huge traffic jam. A serious accident on Sunday morning had caused the Chaos on the track in the direction of Frankfurt.

a traffic jam on the A3: family, father is a crash with a VW head-on into a bridge pillar,

A family of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) is killed in an accident on the A3 between the connection Höchstadt and key field offices, informs the police. The father is lost, therefore, with his VW off the road and into a bridge abutment hit. The collision was so violent that the 45-Year-old trapped behind the wheel, and dangerous to life has been violated. The man was flown with a rescue helicopter to a hospital. His wife (35) suffered on the front passenger seat, serious injuries and had to be hospitalised. The two children at the age of two and five years, fortunately unharmed, were, however, provides, as a precautionary measure in a clinic. Members of care, according to the police, then, of the two.

it is Still unclear how it came to the serious accident. By order of the public Prosecutor’s office of Bamberg, was consulted to determine the circumstances of the Accident and the cause of an expert.

The A3 was closed on Sunday until about 7 o’clock in the direction of Frankfurt completely.

Mega-jam at the heat-Sunday: A3 completely blocked rescue service distributed drinks

the original message of 30. June 2019:

Höchstadt/A3 – three accidents have occurred on Sunday (30.06.2019) on the A3 in the direction Würzburg between Höchstadt-the North and the locking system Steigerwald-North – two of them in the backwater.

A3/Würzburg: Mega-traffic jam in summer heat – no more

The drivers were around 30 degrees in the blazing noon heat, nothing more. Information of the news Agency News5, according to the rescue service has set up an emergency supply of beverages.

Mega-traffic jam on the A3 in the direction Würzburg: rescue service drinks

in the Meantime, can drain away a portion of the traffic on a cleared track slowly. More detailed information on the respective accident happened and the injured are not yet available.

In case of an accident on the B19 in the case of rich mountain (Lkr. Of Würzburg) have been killed two motorcycle drivers. Three other people were injured. The merkur.de* reported. A father trying to save his four children from Drowning – his selfless commitment has cost the man may himself the life.

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