London (dpa) – the Duchess Meghan (37), wife of Prince Harry, has worked for the British fashion magazine “Vogue” as a guest-editor-in-chief, and advanced in the September issue of Act 15 of women and their breakthrough in the views.

climate activist Greta Thunberg, new Zealand’s Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern and American actress Jane Fonda were among the female celebrities, which were seen under the title “Forces of Change” (such as: forces of change) on the Cover, shared with the British Royal family on Sunday. You to all the clubs, their fearlessness, barriers to break through, it was more.

The magazine cover is in 16 fields divided. 15 of them show one of the women. 16. adorns the details, according to a mirror. Thus, the Viewer of the output itself should be seen as part of this illustrious women’s collective. The British September Vogue comes on 2. August at the kiosk and is now available for Download.

The September issue of the magazine is considered the most important of the year because it contains detailed reports on the fall and winter fashion for the coming season. In the number Meghans were to be found in “open conversation” with the former US First Lady Michelle Obama and Prince Harry’s Interview with the primatologist Jane Goodall to.

Meghan, myself, do not want to be on the Cover appear, because they would have perceived as “boastful,” said Vogue editor-in-chief Edward Enninful in an Interview in his magazine. “Instead, they wanted to focus on the women she admires.” Your sister-in-law Duchess Kate (37) had graced 2016, the June issue of the magazine. Also Princess Diana, the late mother of Meghans husband Prince Harry (34), was during his lifetime a number of times on the Cover of the magazine.

“These last seven months have been a rewarding process,” said Meghan in a statement on cooperation with Enninful, and the selection of personalities from politics, to art, the “possessed in the world today” effect. “I hope readers will feel inspired by the “forces of change”, which can be found in these pages.”

website of the British “Vogue”

report of the British “Vogue”

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