Munich – An electric scooter was parked, lonely and abandoned on the stairs to the Stachus-Passagen. An obstruction for pedestrians, as a Munich noticed, the took his Smartphone and the brazenly parked the vehicle scanned. Then he opened his Twitter App and let his Anger over the insolence out: “madness!” Whether that is a good Parking lot for a E-scooter, he asked the network community, and then even the police: “Maybe @police MUENCHEN in these cases, active will be!”

The Munich police responded to the “E-scooter case,” – with a quick-witted answer

in fact, the Social Media Team of the Munich police responded to these tweets – but probably not entirely so, as the citizens desired. A blue light ride to the Karlsplatz, there was not, therefore, in any case! Pretty quick-witted, the officials replied: “There is also the possibility to make the Roller easy even a Meter to the side. In the times before Twitter is also good.“

And that is not enough: The furious Munich has to let other Twitter users scorn and ridicule like. In the case of a serious Offense, had to use the police all of the means: “the DNA analysis, evaluation of the video monitoring and immediate alarm search with the GSG9!”, calls for a Twitter User jokingly. Another don’t want to turn the armed forces: “Such cases show once again urge that the Bundestag must immediately create the constitutional prerequisites for Bundeswehr missions in the Interior.”

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E-Scooter in the way: in Munich explains why he turned on the police

The Munich-based registered according to the response of the police to speak for themselves and feel misunderstood. It is clear that it is not the duty of the officers is this a Roller to smooth out. But he wonders whether the police could not warn the scooter-user is better that you should not leave the two wheels anywhere, where it suits you. “This can be a big Problem,” he predicts.

E-scooter in Munich, a great theme, even for the police

Indeed, E-scooter currently a big issue in Munich, such as* in several of the articles reported. In the English garden, the E-Scooter nervous just tremendous. The Park chief sounds the Alarm. Alcohol and E-scooters are used in combination to be problematic, in just one night, the Munich police caught a 24-Drunk on E-scooters!

Generally speaking, These E-scooters must comply with the rules of drivers in the Bavarian capital.

The tz made in June, the Test: With the electric Scooter in Munich on the way – so it is on the new Cars.

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