very, Very earlier, nostalgia was considered a disease. In the 17th century. Century has been described with the term of this tugging pain that people feel at the thought of the distant homeland. At the time, some suffering should be died in the end even “home-Woe”. In our time, young people often quickly leave home to study in the distance or to find their love, has lost in the nostalgia of their spatial aspect of master: Home is where my heart is. Today, we look back nostalgically to the old days, instead of places, especially on the youth. And the usually means You transfigured them so long, until a warm Remind, in a glow. Like a cozy fire on cold days. Then you put official in the sixties, young again, dancing in Hippie clothes and forgets that women were not allowed to open up without permission at the time to have a Bank account. Some listen to Eighties Pop, feel fresh and displace Aids, dying forests, and Helmut Kohl. Others dream of back in the time, as it gave the GDR and indulge in nostalgia for the East.



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