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What we do a third of our lives read? Sleep! Anyway, if all goes well. Why does the man at all, how many hours are enough and what will help, if we can’t go to sleep at night and in the morning as whacked to Wake up? These and other issues is dedicated to TIME ONLINE the focus on “Better sleep”.

The human sleeps away a third of his life. Good! Because sleep is anything other than useless, but a necessary rest for the body and mind. Those who sleep too little or all the time bad, can be sick: high blood pressure, heart attacks, strokes, Alzheimer’s disease, the list of diseases that affect sleep are proven to get longer every year.

According to fascinated doctors study for decades, Sleeping. And note: Of diseases can be not only nocturnal restlessness return, but sleep is a disease barometer. Those who know him to read, to detect some diseases before the guards people. A Doctor watching a Sleeping learns, sometimes more about him, as in a direct conversation.

We should know how we sleep

read the behavior in the night in many ways. Doctors can, for example, ask how recovered a Person after the Sleep, and whether you remember your dreams. Or Doctors brain waves to derive and check whether the eyeballs in circles frantically under closed lids. Or they monitor the heartbeat and the breath, and observe whether the muscles, which should be in most of the stages of sleep, actually, limp, move, and if someone in his Dreams occurs wild or out of bed. All of this valuable information.

“Better sleep” “Better sleep” – a focus

It is the Season in which many feel they should make better winter sleep. The occasion for us to dedicate ourselves to right now, sleep is even more intense. Why we sleep at all, what happens in the brain, sleep disorders are the new people’s disease, what rest know the research about our night?

All you read in the focus into Better sleep during the holiday season and into January.


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