Mesmero entered the top twenty companies in Russia for women's career

Image: portal of the mayor and government of Moscow

Capital metro took 17 th place in the Russian rating of the companies in which women have the greatest opportunity to build a successful career. The ranking was compiled by Forbes Woman.

the rankings take into account the share of women in total number of employees, salaries, and possible careers for women.

the Team of the Moscow subway has about 60 thousand employees, of which more than 21 thousand – the fair sex.

Specifies that over the last 10 years the number of employees in the metro women increased by 20%.

Earlier it was reported that more than 12 thousand citizens were interested in the vacancy of machinist of an electric train in the Moscow metro in 2019, and in the second place in popularity – ticket cashier. On the third and fourth position was the inspector of security service and duty station.

Only in 2019 our Contact centre specialists metro took about 65 thousand calls of applicants. With more than 1.6 thousand of candidates was made on the new underground facilities.

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