As Michael Bublé, three weeks ago in London’s The O2 after surviving cancer illness of his little son in front of his Fans, he caused them to advance less than three hours to wait. Perhaps this is the reason why the speculation to the herb shot that he hangs his mega-successful stage career in the nail. A message to the British newspaper “Daily Mail” caused a global chain reaction, and certainly a lot of excitement and sadness among his Fans.

Our author was puzzled: Just now, she was sat as the first journalist with him for the Launch of his new album for an hour. They had experienced a Mature man, to the blow of fate has helped to distinguish the Essential from the Inessential. Of career the end there was no question. On demand on its Management, there was Michael Bublé, then, also deny that he finishes his career. He had “absolutely no plans” to retire, says Liz Rosenberg, his Publicist. She had not been in conversation with the Daily Mail, the quotations, however, were certainly taken out of context. “I assure you, with the new Album, upcoming TV appearances, he will not go in pension.” It is also certain that Without the love of his family and Fans, he would not have stood the time. And so, his new Album  as a Declaration of love to the power of love. Why is that any less cheesy than it sounds, read here:

Who grows up in Canada, combines with the summer, the memory of the smell of a camp holiday cheer in the Camp. Long weeks with mosquitoes and water sports, with burnt Marshmallows and dripping Hershey’s chocolate in S’mores, which to many people is a life-long Proust effect. Do you remember how we …?

Michael Bublé, arguably the most famous canadian singer, has this nostalgia to the longing for what never comes again, and perhaps never was, his trademark. Without the memories of idle summer days with friends.

Mike – or Sunshine, as his Italian grandfather called him – had salmon in the long summer months, the smell of freshly caught in the nose and the mucus from the jellyfish to the hands. The son of a salmon fisherman knew soon that he wants to get down from the boat to the stage. At the latest, when his music-loving grandfather, infected with the contagious optimism of the Swing Area, was for him only a life conceivable.

After more than 60 million albums sold worldwide, sold-out tours, four Grammy awards and numerous Juno Awards, and the return of the 43-Year-old is now on the stage with newly arranged Love Songs.

It is a tribute to what counts. An experimental arrangement about the purity. Without the Dirt, without chasm, with many violins. It Bublés is not humble answer to a time in hell, as he and his Argentine wife, Luisana Loreley Lopilato know if your little son Noah would survive a rare Form of liver cancer. In the meantime it is the Little better, and Bublé and his wife became parents of a third child. Their daughter named it the victory over death: Vida – life.

Bublés albums are in America the week in the Charts. His new eighth Album will be released in a time in which Canada’s neighbours to a jury on the self-centered self-understanding of successful men. The deification of success to every character, sitting even companies of the elites – related parallel trauma, abuse tables damage of sexual power-all of this and much more with the men of Harvey Weinstein on Charlie Rose to Brett Kavanaugh on the dock.

The bad news first: Black-and-white pattern of explanation does not work here. The good news: scandal-free for men like Michael Bublé to be evaluated by critics, perhaps in the future.

men Want to a Hip-Hop Bublé?

Because, although the concerts of the audience favorite sold out, often within minutes, and remained with him up to now, the respect of the industry to fail: too good to son-in-law to clean, son. “I don’t give a shit”, out, slips it to him. That sounds liberating. “I don’t care whether you or other critics like the Album and I’m also going to read any more critics.” The time of compromises is over, that much is clear.

After he had tried on his last Album “Nobody But Me”, with Hip-Hop, more male audience to attract, he knows now what he wants to do only what he believes in. To be who he is: the honest skin, the romantics without a double floor, the sports-loving family man with roots, of the vanity of social media, the Ade said. “You will find me no bullshit Selfies and more. I want this whole Self-stylization not more.“

The last two years have been for the world star to a reformation. “As the Doctors have informed us of the diagnosis, has changed my whole view of the world. It is clear to me, what is important and what is frivolous.“ Bublé clears his throat. “You can imagine how mixed my feelings are. I don’t know if I ever wanted to come back again and again. When it comes to such points, one of the things very clearly. The world in front of a melts away and suddenly you see the core of humanity.“

Who is a lot on the sea on the way, learn that you can’t control everything. Has prepared him for the challenge? “No one is prepared for the pain, if a child is seriously ill,” he says. Without the support of his family and Fans, he wouldn’t have made it.

“There are so many reasons to despair of the society or politics and to see the world negatively, but we have enormous experienced a lot of humanity and compassion. My Faith in humanity is really fragile. I had no room for anything other than for love.“

Suddenly, Bublé looks scared. As it is the case, again, the Cliché, and he has brought himself to Snap shut. “When I say love, I know that includes many emotions. Some of them are not positive. Some of the hurt. You, I do want to hear what I wanted to do. To my conditions. Without room for compromise. There was only room for love. I know this is so cliché sounds. You are my first Interview“, he apologizes.

It depends on how we love

Maybe his thoughts can be better with Malcolm Gladwell’s plea for healthy success to describe the quest. Its already 2009 published best-seller “Outliers: The Story of Success” describes in Bublés eyes aptly, what is success: a mix of favorable opportunities, good luck, determination and hard work. All of the voice. He knows from his own experience.

Because in spite of his outstanding vocal talent Bublé travelled many years of relatively unsuccessful as an Elvis impersonator and a crooner in between shopping malls and wedding parties. To a plate boss was in the audience. The Rest is history. A story, however, that not more interested in the Retro-jazz-pop star.

Probably need to readjust the predominantly female audience. Who has loved him so far above all his sense of humour, full of carefree optimism, now applies to a more Mature singer, with a clear message: in The end, it’s not just that we love but how we love.

romantic, Loving, all that a mood need to the all-important question – can be found on his new Album “Love” on the Cover of a little red heart, the whole Canon of great Love Songs in rich Arrangements of Sinatra’s “I Only Have Eyes For You”, Ella Fitzgerald’s “My Funny Valentine” to Nat King Cole’s “Unforgettable” and Edith Piaf’s “La Vie En Rose”. Perhaps this Reflection has comforted the Noble is also a member of the British government over the pain Brexitverhandlungen away. A Council for his British audience, the enthusiastic hockey Fan: “Win with grace and lose with Dignity. This helps in all walks of life.“

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