Update from 30. June 2019: if we have a look on the Instagram Profile of Laura M. (18) and Michael Wendler (47), it comes up Turtelei hardly. The singer and his much-younger girlfriend caress each other with compliments and kisses, where it only goes. However, on moving dark clouds in the sky of Love? When it comes to some Fans, then. Because some of them warn to write to her Idol: “Laura, every screwed up…”

The climb by Laura M. to Influencerin was steep. Meanwhile, following the pretty brown-haired with Instagram more than 125,000 people. She uses her celebrity to the drum loudly advertising for Michael Wendlers music. And the lovebirds are soon to be seen in this year’s RTL-Show”, the summer home of the Stars”. So for Laura – if it were not for all the haters that would want to torpedo her love for Michael Wendler.

How to bunte.de reported to have formed under a Post by Michael Wendler at Instagram a whole lot of resistance. There, the shock, bard announced that he would soon go live together with Laura. For some Fans of the mega-corrosive! According to the report, a Fan wrote: “would be Nice without Laura.” Another user is clear: “If you leave Laura out of it, you can count me in. This is not meant to be rude, but you screwed up every Interview/Post from you, if you open your mouth.“ Rrrrrrums, the sat! The Hate goes even a Fan pestet, and called the girlfriend of Michael Wendler a “real bundle of nerves”.

Michael Wendler: Terrible Video of girlfriend Laura M. makes Fans more than angry

Update from the 12. June: a lot of the criticism seems to Michael Wendler and his 18-year-old girlfriend, Laura M. to bounce off. Despite a lot of Hate comments in the social networks, the pupil, as usual, to Look. Now a new Video of Laura creates excitement – and what the Fans comment on there, is really gross.

+ Fans have only one question: What’s Laura doing now?© Screenshots Instagram (Fotom ontage)

In the short Clip runs in the Background of the new Song by Michael Wendler “One always loves more.” Laura M. is a wide-cut Top on the bed and moved her lips to the Text. It shows more of your typical pouty lips and widens her eyes again. Under the Video it makes advertising the Single of the Wendlers that you can hear on the new Album in the near future.

Laura M. indignant with the new Clip: “Should be ashamed of themselves, in a way emergence of”

In the comments of viewers of the Videos show more than indignant. For the Song, hardly anyone is interested: “Where are your friends, parents, the to keep you the real mirror in front of your eyes and you confirm that such Videos be writing to you more harm than good”, a Userin. This comment was all the 645 Times, liked on Facebook. A User even wrote: “your parents and friends should be ashamed of themselves to let such emergence. Even if she is 18….“

look LOVE you for this post on Instagram to

ONE more and MORE ! Here I have a small snippet of the Song “One always loves more” for you. The result is you can on the Album of my treasure at the 28.06.2019 see !

A post shared by LAURA SOPHIE MÜLLER (@Laura Mueller official) on Jun 2, 2019 12:47 PDT

Laura M. has not commented on the criticism, your friend Michael Wendler has only commented a heart. The seem to like what he sees. Some time ago a new music video by Michael Wendler has already caused a stir: There, he presented his girlfriend more than freely. What counts in the end, however, that the controversial Couple is happy. How much the young love is enduring, will soon be found in a Show for Primetime.

Update from 15. May 2019: Since the relationship of Michael Wendler and the 18-year-old schoolgirl Laura M. became public, bill and COO you on the social networks with each other, share their kisses with the Fans and to the corners for a lot of criticism. The fresh lovers, the is welcome no matter. Now Wendler gave up on Instagram a stark confession: During one of his recent Instagram Post, he admits: “The Best thing that has ever happened to me – after the birth of my daughter.” Of course, the kissing says cheek his 28 years younger girlfriend Laura Müller.

Michael Wendler, with a Declaration of love to Laura and disses his Ex

Who recalculates briefly, makes the following finding: With his wife, Claudia Norberg he has been married for nine years. Daughter Adeline, only two years younger than his current girlfriend, came 16 years ago to the world. Laura has his former flame, Claudia is now obsolete? According to Wendlers statement the love for her is already larger than it was for Claudia ever. Krass!

Apparently, the speech is not even of marriage – and, although the Wendler is divorced from Claudia Norberg (48).

Also a singer, makes wedding plans: Pietro Lombardi. He has now betrayed the woman who conquered his heart, how extratipp.com* reported.

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A post shared by MICHAEL WENDLER (@wendler.michael) on may 13, 2019 at 7:38 PM PDT

Update from the 12. May 2019: In these scenes from the new music video by Michael Wendler (46) think of some of the Fans: What is wrong with the singer? For the Clip of the Wendler has brought his 18-year-old girlfriend Laura m. in front of the camera. As it presents itself, is reminiscent of the opinion of many Users for a sleazy film.

Michael Wendler posts scenes from the music video – and reaps harsh criticism

the music video to Michael Wendlers new Song “One always loves more” in the erschinenen. Screenshots from the Clip, the 46-Year-old posted on Instagram, but now for the excitement and a lot of criticism. What bothers the Fans: The spicy staging around Michael Wendlers friend Laura! The bears in the movie, a white Top, her Breasts threatening to falling out and a tight pair of jeans shorts that exposed half her buttocks. In her Hand she’s holding a swab, cleans sensual the motorcycle from Wendler, while he drags the heavy tires.

“Breasts of the lolalita Bunny” – Wendler and Laura M. get Hate for dirty scenes

“The parents of Laura are so proud of the great photos,” writes a User. “Raging in the Midlife-and-narcissism-crisis real so violently that permanent the Breasts of lolita Bunny need to be kept in the camera?”, she asks another. Another Instagram User finds more drastic words: “porn of rotation, a la Wendler.” Severe criticism to the singer. It was “just cheap” as he is a student.

look at the height to you in this post on Instagram to

A post shared by MICHAEL WENDLER (@wendler.michael) on may 9, 2019 at 6:21 PM PDT

The Hate of the Public, of young love, not in the way of: Michael Wendler and Laura present themselves more turtelnd and post diligently kiss-photos. Also, if, at last, even Anna from “farmer seeks wife” harsh criticism practiced, such as extratipp.com* reported.

Michael Wendler and Laura: love in danger – because THIS blonde unwraps?

Update from the 5. May 2019: Ohoh, this news means a strain on the relationship of pop star Michael Wendler (46) and his Laura? The reason is that the media, rumour has it that the Ex could draw from Wendler in the “celebrity Big Brother”house. bild.de reported about it. Many Fans fear that the 48-year-old Claudia Norberg could unpack it over your Still-husband. Even the love of Michael Wendler and his Laura is in danger?

is Clear: The bard and the 18-Year-old COO, where it goes to only show love on -. So fast your love will not be shaken to. Nevertheless, it would be certainly interesting, what Claudia Norberg in the celebrity BB could tell the Container so if you are feeding on. The transmitter Sat1 with information not yet covered. A spokeswoman said to bild.de “We are pleased that the rumor mill starts again this year. As always, we have betrayed the inhabitants of the new season in good time.“

+ Michael Wendler and Claudia Norberg was married for nine years.© Daniel Reinhardt, dpa

Michael Wendler and Claudia Norberg were almost 30 years a Couple of. In October of last year, they separated after nine years of marriage. Since then, the American’s with Laura Müller.

Michael Wendler: He and Laura M. separated – she bursts into tears!

Update from the 3. May 2019: Big Drama in the case of Michael Wendler and his girlfriend, Laura M., by a “farmer seeks wife”-beauty was evil done? At least So it seems on the photos, has been a passenger Bild.de available. The 18-Year-old and the singer are at the airport in Miami and in the case of the pupil, the tears come. The separation shock is clearly deep.

Laura M. and Michael Turner: separation Drama at the airport + Frankfurt from a bird’s-eye© picture alliance / Boris Roessle / Boris Roessler (photo montage)

On 30. April, it was time for the Wendler to Mallorca. As my good friend Laura M. is not allowed to stay alone in America – the school seemed to be no Alternative. So the 18 traveled with a friend to Mallorca. But at the airport observed the other guests a heart-wrenching scene: Laura M., according to bild.de (behind the paywall, there are photos to see) again and again in tears broke out, had to let her friend console her. As the Boarding started, the observers quickly the reason for the Drama, and in Public, is clear: Michael Wendler rose for the time being, alone on the plane, because he flew business class, while Laura M. traveled in the wood class to Mallorca.

Michael Wendler without Laura. m. in business class: for this reason

Why is the Wendler and his Laura M. had to separate for the flight, said the 46-Jäslaves are to image: “Originally, we had booked other flights. I wanted to only on 4. May come to Europe, and Laura was supposed to fly afterwards. Then I got the call that I should come three days before to Mallorca. So I booked me a Business Class flight from Miami to Mallorca.“ Laura didn’t want to fly alone, which is why Michael Wendler had you booked on your flight. Since it had been, but no Business places. The separation shock is written by Laura M. in the face.

look at the height to you in this post on Instagram to

A post shared by MICHAEL WENDLER (@wendler.michael) on Apr 28, 2019 at 5:59 PM PDT

Update 28. April 2019: is a Crisis looming, it is about the case of Michael Wendler and his much-younger girlfriend, Laura M.? The singer has blasphemed in an Interview with RTL nasty about the student and a scenario hinted at what could be the end of the relationship. It was the body contact with female Fans, the Wendler would never want to give up.

Michael Wendler about Laura: “Because I really don’t feel like it”

“If my Job is suffering due to this relationship, then you have to decide – either you will be more relaxed and can handle it or not. I would then separate the relationship from the Job,“ explains Michael Wendler compared to RTL in relation to Laura. Further, he says: “If you suffer, my Fans search also the body contact […] – then it is better for you to stay home!” Harsh words, which the pop star is aimed at the 18-Year-old. Currently, she travels with him to America, and seems to enjoy life to the fullest – but when it comes to the upcoming Tour and the female Fans, not Laura, apparently, in the first place. The 47-Year-old blasphemes further: “When female Fans give me a kiss on the cheek – and I am really not against it – then I can well imagine that I have to discuss again the following night. And since I’m really not in the mood“, so the Wendler about his 18-year-old love, who paused for him to the school.

Michael Wendler and Laura M.: love From because of jealousy?

the love of this blasphemous attack against Laura’s jealousy before? On Instagram Michael Wendler now makes clear: “We are and we stay a Couple!!!” Since the first Mini-seems-to-be crisis already overcome. Just Laura and Michael Wendler bill and COO together in New York.

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GREETINGS FROM NYC Ps. LOVE PRESS: We are and we stay a Couple !!! Even if it will be reported differently.

A post shared by MICHAEL WENDLER (@wendler.michael) on Apr 26, 2019 at 9:15 am PDT

Update 22. April 2019: Michael Wendler has made with his girlfriend Laura. m. on the way to the Universal Studios in Florida. Together, the Couple in love strolled through the world of the Film and book series Harry Potter, the 18-held Years of everything in a ten-minute Clip. However, in the Video from the trip, hardly anyone pays attention to the film scenes, With their mega-tight jeans short pulls Laura M. all eyes. “Nice that you write half-A*schbacken hanging out looks”, a Userin. Another says: “You can dress sexy, but you’re just looking cheap.”

The 18-Year-old a pair of hot pants almost to their butt cheeks falling out the Videos and photos. A white Top, the granted to of the page also in-depth insights. If all that was wanted? Determined. After all, Laura M. since the beginning of the relationship to Michael Wendler repeatedly been in the headlines, putting her Breasts on Instagram for all to see. The Wendler seems to like the – and this is for the student, probably the main thing.

+ © Screenshots Instagram

Update 17. April 2019: Michael Wendler and his girlfriend, Laura M. showing their love to the public, is no secret. Again and again the couple posts with 28 years age difference intimate images and make their controversial relationship public to the Show. With your current Post on Laura’s Instagram profile, you exceed now but even. The picture shows the Wendler and his Laura in “dry exercises”.

The 18-Year-old supports herself with her arms on a pile of car tyres, while Wendler is extremely closely behind her, so that they touch in the genital area. A clearly ambiguous Pose, which Laura dubbed with the phrase “The Power of love”. For many viewers, the Pose is reminiscent of a position in the game of love, where the man is behind the woman. The comments are clear: “If you would not always do so at a cheap P*rno-couple, would you take the people perhaps even more serious,” writes a Userin “Nidda85”. Corina meint: “It is always embarrassing.”

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power of love @wendler.michael free to play game.

A post shared by LAURA SOPHIE MÜLLER (@Laura Mueller official) on Apr 16, 2019 7:54 PM PDT

Michael Wendler: girlfriend Laura. m. in the see-Through-Top – Everything is transparent

Update 25. February 2019: A recent photo of Michael Wendlers new girlfriend Laura M. makes thousands of Fans of the Glamour couple’s take a closer look: Laura M. presented in a white, see-through mesh upper bodice and has seemingly nothing underneath.But the 18-Year-old really at the top without? At least the Post that got the afternoon of Monday, already over 4000 Likes looks, actually. If the 18-Year-old Nothing under your power-shell, really obvious. Provocative, at least that is the title of the new photos of Laura M.: “Love me a hot Cowboy,” writes 18-Year-old. Michael Wendler does not have to ask twice…

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LOVE MY HOT COWBOY free to play game.

A post shared by LAURA SOPHIE MÜLLER (@laauramueller) on Feb 24, 2019 7:39 PST

Update 11. February: Michael Wendler published only Recently, the first joint a couple Pics with his new 18-year-old girlfriend. Now the pupil from Saxony there-Anhalt professional Interviews about the freshness of love, and chats about her dream man. The Fans can be a Detail sit up and take notice, because the Wendler-girlfriend reveals the same intimate bed habits of the stars.

Michael Wendler-girlfriend: “There is magic in space”

The 46-year-old Michael Wendler (Michael Wendler: girlfriend shows plump Tits and has a clear Message) is the first friend of the 18-Year-olds, however, the student dreaming of the big wedding. “It is special and unique, I’ve never felt before. I’m already in love with the real him,“ she reveals in an Interview with vox. “He gives me the feeling to be something Special.” The 18-year-old Wendler-girlfriend, smiled happily at these words.

+ Michael Wendler and his 18-year-old girlfriend Laura Müller published only Recently, first joint photos.© Screenshot Instagram laauramueller

And though the Two are only a couple of months a Couple of, the pupil is already planning your future with the embossed star. In the winter holidays, she flew for a couple of weeks to Miami to their great love, soon it could be longer. Because you are considering a complete move to the USA, so vip.de. Because Laura Müller, and Michael Wendler are totally in love. “There is magic in the room,” call it the Lovebirds. And then the Hammer: The 18-Year-old reported intimate bed-time stories with her 46-year-old Lover.

Laura Müller reveals intimate bed-time stories

“If we cuddle up in the evening, he says I’m an oven because I’m so hot,” she says mischievously in an Interview. “But I’m cold basically. He can endure it only for a short time, that I cuddle and wants me to be warm. Because he himself is warm.“ Nevertheless, the Two cuddling like mad, the 18-Year-old is still important.

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Love you ❤ love it.

shared A post by Michael Wendler OFFICIAL (@wendler.michael) on Feb 10, 2019 at 8:51 am PST

soon you will see the Two more often. For the lovebirds, a common appearance in the German TV Show “Goodbye detsch country is”. Starting in March, Michael Wendler and his Laura Müller will stand together in front of the camera.

Michael Wendler-shock: girlfriend Laura hot private pictures

Miami – The pop star Michael Wendler (46) posts is less for his music than for his numerous television appearances in the jungle or celebrity Big Brother. Now, he makes with his new girlfriend, Laura Müller (18), caused a stir. Because the posted hot photos on your Instagram profile. Michael Wendler has now posted the first photo with his new girlfriend Laura on Instagram.

Michael Wendler: girlfriend Laura Müller to visit in Miami

Michael Wendler is in a relationship, his separation is not so long. Just three months ago, the singer split from his wife, Claudia Norberg (48). The two had met as teenagers, and gave themselves up to 2009, the Yes-word. Overall, the Couple was together for 30 years. Then the shock! In October, 2018 Michael Wendler was the love From the known (the love-Helene Fischer and Florian silver iron: Ex-GNTM-candidate has a bad suspicion).

+ Michael Wendler and Claudia Norberg still together at the time of awarding the LEA Live Entertainment Award 2014 in Frankfurt.© picture alliance/dpa / Daniel Reinhardt

Above all of the separation is affected, is also likely to be Wendlers daughter, Adeline (16),. Because, as the pop star explained to Bild.de stay his daughter with him in Miami. There Adeline had built up “a circle of friends,” the pop star. However, without your mother. Because Claudia Norberg will however move back to Germany. 2015 the family Wendler was moved to Miami, Florida. Now Michael Wendler attended in Miami, his 18-year-old Laura Miller.

Michael Wendler: Laura Müller as old as his daughter

The student from Saxony-Anhalt spent their winter holidays with family and friends in the local Stendal, but with her lover, Michael Wendler, in the United States. Laura Müller might as well be Wendlers daughter. The flame of the stars and his daughter to separate only two years. In the past few weeks, Michael Wendler had to take care of thus to two Teenage girls. Like his daughter, found the visit to the 18-Year-olds, we can only guess at. On your Instagram profile Adeline published a telling Post.

look at the height to you in this post on Instagram to

A post shared by Adeline Norberg (@adelinenorberg2019) on Jan 9, 2019 at 2:32 PM PST

16-Year-old wrote under her picture: “Some people come into our life as a blessing, while others come into our life as a lesson, so love them for who they are instead of judging them for who they are not.“, (“Some people come as blessings in our lives, other than a teaching. So love them for what they are, not to condemn, rather than for what they are.“). Whether Michael Wendlers daughter has meant prosperity Laura Muller? The 18-Year-olds spent an awesome time in Miami and showed the in hot photos.

Michael Wendler: Hot photos of girlfriend Laura Müller

On this visit had pleased Michael Wendler sure. His girlfriend, Laura, Müller was finally reached him in Miami. In their joint vacation, the Couple was disturbed by not questioning Looks or horrified Fans. Quite the contrary:The singer enjoyed the time with his Laura Müller to the fullest. And also the 18-Year-old seemed to please her vacation in Florida (Dancing on Ice presenter Marlene: nipple-speed cameras in a tight swimsuit).

look at the height to you in this post on Instagram to

A post shared by Laura Sophie (@laauramueller) on Jan 13, 2019 12:42 PST

holding hands Michael Wendler and the 18-Year-old through the streets of Miami were excursions on Wendlers made motor boat and spent time on the beach. From there posted to Laura Müller, the image, which allows Fans to an early engagement to hope.

Michael Wendler: engagement with his girlfriend Laura Miller?

It is to see the 18-Year-old in the best weather on Miami Beach. In the Black beach dress and with sunglasses, the pupil is laughing in the camera. She holds the Hand of Michael Wendler. Except his Hand is nothing to see of the singer but. The 46-Year-old was behind the camera and wanted to put a particular piece of jewelry his sweetheart in a particularly good light.

look at the height to you in this post on Instagram to

to recognize A contribution shared by Laura Sophie (@laauramueller) on Jan 12, 2019 11:02 PST

On the ring finger of Laura Müller is, in fact, a Ring. The Wendler made a request? To do this, none of the two position referred to previously. The 18-Year-old wrote under the image: “Lovely Weekend”, (“beautiful weekend”). This Michael Wendler said first vor Recently, that “not even we both know how this is all evolving.” The speculation about the young love of happiness, however, go further.

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