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Weapons 11/02/20 PHOTO: Alexander Beltyukov/Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 UnportedМиГ-25: why it was considered “the most drunk plane”

There are different criteria of superlatives, including in the case when it comes to combat vehicles: the heavy, the most lightweight, the fastest, the long-range, the lifting, the most reliable, most maneuverable… But the MiG-25 is the… “drunken” fighting machine. Well, the “drunk” plane – that’s for sure. And now we will understand why.


of Course, no one tried to reinvent the “drunk” car in the world.

Since the late 1950-ies in the conditions of aggravation of contradictions between the USSR and the Atlantic bloc, Soviet designers started to develop a supersonic aircraft called on all indicators of “wash” American counterparts: the North American XB-70 (Valkyrie) and Konver B-58 (Hustler).

Manual set the task: to create the most perfect on the planet fighter-interceptor of the third generation flying machine, striking guaranteed any bombers and cruise missiles – even not yet invented: as they say, with the stock.

Several years of hard work in OKB “MiG” has led to the appearance first of the three working samples: E-152 (E-166), E-150, E-152М.

March 10, 1961 Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, Anastas Mikoyan, issued a decree on the creation of a new combat vehicle. The prototype of the MiG-25 was codenamed E-155. And in 1964 appeared in the ranks of the now famous us combat aircraft.

“Drunkenness” in the fight!

the American magazine the National Interest called the MiG-25 a “mistake” with a tragic fate. But the Japanese, in particular the expert Mori Kentaro, admire the Soviet aviation masterpiece, considering it to this day “king of speed”. So which party is right? Oddly enough, both at once.

the MiG-25 really terrified the theorists and practitioners of military Affairs for its astonishing performance characteristics. And at the same time, he was a hostage. The aircraft is able to develop tremendous speed and gain fantastic height, though very quickly. But that’s why he suffers from permanent faults in the engine, and is also extremely uncomfortable for the pilots.

the Supersonic miracle, functioning at the limit of their capabilities, it becomes as if drunken: breaks, loses control, overheats and then stops working.

Writer Viktor Markov cites as examples of this particular episode that occurred in 1972 in the Egyptian sky. Pilot Nikolay Stogov during one of the flights had to urgently go on the air: the plane stalled the engine. Fortunately, the situation was quickly corrected.

the Pilot, Alexander Bezhevets faced even more serious problem: a busted strut main landing gear, which could result in a tragedy. Only with great difficulty and with great luck he managed to land the plane rather smoothly and without serious damage.

And this is just extraordinary. Overheating of the cabin and housing for the MiG-25 business as usual. If the machine goes at full speed, the temperature of the air entering the engine reaches 320 degrees Celsius, and the skin of the aircraft heated up to 303 degrees. According to the pilots participating in the flights, sometimes even the canopy is heated so that it cannot be touched.

the Low efficiency of the Soviet machine is compounded by the fact that it is not installed radar, but it does not allow the pilot to see the enemy aircraft in front and below.

Drunk plane was in another sense. According to the recollections of an officer of aviation, Igor Vodopyanov, on hour flight in the MiG-25 are filled with about 40 liters of pure 96% alcohol and 250 liters of the so-called “Massandra”, I mean alcohol, diluted half with distilled water. To resist the charms “zelTogo serpent” used to challenge even experienced pilots.

Sometimes the fuel was used careless soldiers prior to departure – and, of course, this is a departure broke: the plane was simply unprepared for the operation.

the MiG-25 even jokingly nicknamed the “flying potatoes”, and his technique – the “Director of the deli.” Laughter laughter, and combat potential have sometimes been jeopardized because of the lack of self-control of the personnel.

the Actual leader and not just “drinking”

do Not, however, ignore the winning features of the Soviet supersonic monster. And such a lot.

the aircraft speed Record for 58-year-old remains inaccessible to this day. In 1962 at a distance with a length of 500 km the MiG-25 was able to accelerate to an average of 2981,5 km/h.

In total, the machine has set 29 world records for speed and altitude.

“Drunk” aircraft is able to reach a working height of 23 kilometers and equipped with missiles R-40 (air-air) having the highest slaughter properties as well as a range of up to 30 kilometers.

Before the MiG-25 was highly in demand across the globe: in the period from 1969 to 1985, the Gorky aircraft plant released 1186 units of this fighter, they were adopted in 14 countries. Since the mid 1990-ies of the 25th MiGs, however, began gradually to retire. Although Zaporizhzhya ARZ still continues to carry out repairs of these machines for India and Arab countries, which suggests that the old horse is still in the ranks.

the Plane is actually exceptionally powerful, even by today’s standards. And the flaws associated with human weaknesses, and the fact that the model was simply ahead of its time. Not only his, but also our present.

Ilya Pozhidaev

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