Mode isolation provoked divorces in China

China’s isolation provoked divorces

In China, the isolation of the citizens turned into a wave of divorces. Such a regime proved to be an excellent test of family relations.

it is Noted that only in the Chinese city of Dachau after the easing of quarantine filed for divorce about 300 pairs.

“If you look at China, then of course there are a lot of couples work and work a lot, see each other sometimes even on the weekends. If people in principle are not used to each other in contact, in a closed space start problems”, – say the citizens themselves.

Despite this there are those who quarantine helped. In particular, when China closed, the girl had to stay a young man – and started a real relationship.

to avoid the negative impact of quarantine on family relationships, many suggest to make zoning of the territory and to highlight each other’s personal space, where every alone will be able to go about their business.

Sunday, March 29, the mayor imposed restrictions on movement around the city. Self-isolation has affected everyone, without exception, Muscovites and residents of the area.

So, from the apartment you can go only in cases of emergency medical aid and other direct threats to life and health, commuting (if required). Also to get out of the house it is possible to make purchases from the store or pharmacy. Allowed the walking of Pets at a distance not exceeding 100 meters from the residence.

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