Bremen – Jochen Drees has given as a chief of the DFB-video referee a communication error when a controversial penalty awarded to FC Bayern Munich in the Cup semi-final in Bremen (3:2). “We expect that the video wizard will carry out a professional assessment of whether a Situation in a clearly criminal or non-criminal area. And whether there is a false perception of the arbitrator.

Is one of the factors from the point of view of the video wizard is obviously not the case, it must necessarily come to an On-Field Review, the referee may, on the basis of the video images in the Review Area of this assessment independently, and then make a decision,“ Drees said in a press release by the DFB.

“In the DFB Cup semi final match between SV Werder Bremen and FC Bayern Munich in the 78. Minute of the game, not been the case, unfortunately, because the communication between the referee and the video wizard is not expired. On the one hand, there are aspects which, on a technical level against a penalty. On the other hand, however, there is also an aspect that speaks for a penalty shock-worthy Offense. From referee technical point of view, we think the penalty decision is not correct.” Several players from Werder Bremen are furious about the penalty.

“, Are not given in the penalty of one mind”

on the evening after the final whistle of the game, it had heated discussions. The coach Niko Kovac and Florian Kohfeldt had both seen a “pack Cup fight”, but the sticking point of the game, you found each other. “We are two friendly coaches, but at the penalty kick, we disagree,” said Werder’s Kohfeldt. The record Cup winners Bayern moved to the narrow, but deserved success for the 23. Final a – the opponent is on 25. May in Berlin of RB Leipzig. Werder remains then only the viewer role.

The Kohfeldt was unfair, because the winning foul penalty, but Robert Lewandowski (80. Minute) had transformed, classified it as “brutal” and unjustified. Werder defender Theodor Gebre Selassie had touched the this evening hardly stop whirlwind Kingsley Coman in the penalty area slightly with the elbow, the Frenchman fell and got the penalty.

“In life, no penalty”

“Nine out of ten referees would not have as as a whistle,” said the Werder Coach out of tune. “There’s no big discussion. That was not a penalty“, said sport boss Frank Baumann.

Kovac spoke only of a hard decision. “If he doesn’t whistle, can’t we complain. The King (Coman) does not fall by itself. The elbow of Gebre Selassie was already there, he would have to leave it out,“ said Kovac. And added smugly: “Because he has employed a bit stupid.” Thomas Müller agreed with his team-mate Kingsley Coman* and need to listen to this a lot on the net.

Kohfeldts Anger was directed less against the referee Siebert, after consultation with his assistants, stayed at the decision, rather than against the video wizard Kampka. Would have more need to intervene, said the Werder Coach. “I’m normally a big fan of video evidence, but with this Penalty kick I could live with that better if it hadn’t been for the video referee,” said Kohfeldt.


* is part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editors network.


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