More than 10 people were killed in the explosion at festival in India


In India, more than 10 people died in the explosion of fireworks during a religious holiday. The incident happened at the time of the March in the district of tarn Taran, in the North-West of the country, reports RIA Novosti.

it is Noted that the sparks from exploding firecrackers hit the truck with fireworks, causing an explosion occurred. The local police the fact of PE confirmed.

Witnesses reported that as a result of the incident killed about 15 people, three more were hospitalized. Their condition is estimated as critical. It is also known that the various wounds have received 11 persons.

currently, the circumstances of the incident are being specified.

Earlier, a soldier started shooting in Thailand. Killing 15 people, another 16 citizens soldiers held hostage. In the place of police work.

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