Many of the rail traffic suspended regions is likely to make this Germany map of hope: Two transport associations have signed up to the 186 disused rail sections, which should go from your point of view again. Together, the nationwide are more than 3000 kilometres of track, which could improve the battered transport the railway, if they would be passable again. The Association of German transport companies (VDV) and German pro-Rail Alliance, who presented on Monday its results in Berlin claim.

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There are numerous gaps in the German rail network, some one, other, several dozen kilometers long. Not all former rail routes were back in operation, but many will, and without too much effort. Most of them are intended for passenger traffic. But also freight routes are in the process.

On the way to Germany clock

disused railway lines back into operation, it could be a step in the implementation of the project “Germany clock”, with the Federal Ministry of transport to strengthen the Rail. The trains should be more punctual and faster, the Reach of the connections, direct and reliable. Rising passenger numbers and new passenger records to bring the System to its limits. 3000 miles would be to increase the entire German rail network by around eight percent, the VDV has been calculated.

Between 1994 and 2019, according to pro – Rail Alliance is already a good 800 kilometres for the persons and almost 400 kilometres for freight transport is back in operation after having been once removed from the grid. According to the VDV were exceeded for the large majority of “with the reactivation of the intended displacement effects”. But: In the same period, significantly more range – around 3600 kilometers – was shut down.


in past years, reactivated rail lines in Germany

©Allianz pro Schiene shut down can be a lot of

On some routes, the rails are still, it grows just a little weed, sometimes used by freight trains there, even. Other former railway remnants of the rails do not have time, but are now converted into cycle paths. “The advantage of Distance reactivations is that you can significantly speed up the train again back to the people and the companies, than the construction of the case,” said Dirk Flege, managing Director of Allianz pro Schiene.

Ailing rail network, 800 sites at the same time: train drivers with longer driving times

calculate How much is a track left of it, decisions about how quickly and inexpensively he’ll be back up and running, said Frank Zerban, the chief Executive of the Federal Association of the tasks of the rail transport (SPNV). And what does quickly mean? In such projects a year would be very fast. Depending on which of the rails, traffic signals and rail, a range of stations is left, it can take five to ten years.

Many of the commissioning of the recommended routes small connection pieces that would close a gap in a long regional route. Zerban is holding Reactivations, where there is the potential for “extremely useful”.

potential and cost-effectiveness of age-tracks

While helping a fresh Overview of the potential re-openings, however: “One must distinguish between potential and cost-effectiveness.” And many of the old lines could not reach these necessary cost-effectiveness in his experience. “Then it is usually so that a relatively large Portfolio of potentially interesting routes one at the end but then more manageable number is left.”

announcements of the train To the “rail summit”: the railway only empty promises? By Till Bartels

And what does it cost? “We hold ourselves back,” said VDV-President Ingo Wortmann. Estimates are in this case is frivolous, because the effort is so different. Less restrained the associations of the answers to the question of who should Finance this: “We are calling for a Federal program reactivation, in which the Federal cost 100 percent of the infrastructure of the bears reactivated routes,” said Flege. Because most of the old routes had been before the Federal Railways. “That’s why it is now the task of the Federal government to correct these mistakes of the past.” The planning should take over the country.

Against the accusation, the Department for transport is defending itself and shall request that routes had always been just laid still, if there had been no demand for more, and if no third party – for example, a private operator – have the range to take over. In addition, the Federal Agency already has sufficient funds for the regional rail transport available between 2016 and 2031, more than 150 billion euros.

the Deutsche Bahn explained on request that a lack of demand, decisions on decommissioning. This means, however, that “If services are ordered on a scale, which will enable the infrastructure operator an economic operation, can be reactivated in consideration,” reads the Statement. And: “It is indisputable that we need more capacity to handle the traffic of today and tomorrow.”

sources: Association of German transport companies (VDV) and German pro-Rail Alliance

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