Small huts which you can buy in Germany, have a Design that is great for small gardens perfected. Pretty boring so. Quite different is the models of The Backcountry Hut Company – the company has not been founded by the architects, who wanted to have a shelter that looks piefig. Your Motto today: “build Your own hut.”

your models are top modern and can be built in the deepest Wilderness. Because they are built as a kit. Prefabricated houses there are many designs of The Backcountry Hut Company are still something Special. At the planning stage, care was taken on an extremely compact pack size of the kit. In principle, a delivery of several boxes like from Ikea used to. Of course, you can not carry the carton in the trunk, but it fits on a boat or a big Pick-up. If it is required, can be supplied in the kit with a helicopter. Because the company is located in Vancouver, the company’s founder, Wilson Edgar says: “In many cases, our customers want to build a secluded dream land to escape the office life.”

energy consumption: In this house, electricity and heating costs only two euros in the year Fullscreen

The butterfly roof gives the house an unusual shape.

©The Sociable Weaver construction period of a week

The construction of the kit, even laymen should be able to accomplish. You would be overwhelmed. But in the case of a neighbourly community use of the house can be set up easily. The Designer: “The pre-fabricated wall and roof panels can be lifted with the hands high, and with a simple rope, you will be brought to the winch in Position.” Edgar estimates that a group of four people can erect the structure of the building in less than a week, without the need for excavators and other heavy machinery.

“Our customers come from many different areas, but they all have an eye for Design and the desire to be creative building experience to participate. The first-time home buyers ranged from almost retired professors to younger engineers.”

Not only the idea with the house out of the box is inspired by Ikea. The founder of Wilson Edgar and Michael Leckie to offer affordable and well-designed products for the mass market. “But our customers want no 08/15-elements, not finished structures with plastic Windows. Our buyers are looking for a well-designed and eco-friendly leisure apartment. We wanted to create something that captures a Reflection on the Essential, on what is really Necessary.”

Modular design

it was a new model, the Surf Shack is in the offer. Here, too, first built a skeleton made of posts. Then prefabricated elements are used in the segments. The window must only be in the framework, screwed together. The new model now offers different ways to dress up the facade. Particularly beautiful the surfers-house with cedar wood. In addition, it is possible to install a fully glazed wall, and an outdoor terrace

The base model will cost $ 45,000 – in Installation and insulation are retained. The building can be extended on a modular basis. From 18 up to about 90 square meters.



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