Although long awaited, the formal communication that the united States withdraws from the Paris Agreement has sparked criticism from other countries who see how the world power is the exception of commitments to combat climate change. Russia has expressed that the decision, which was announced already by Donald Trump in 2017 when little arrived at the White House, “undermines” the effectiveness of the covenant. China, first global emitter of greenhouse gases, has lamented the slam of Washington, like France, Spain or Chile.

The most direct in his reaction was the presidential spokesman Russian, Dmitri Peskov, who said that the decision of the united States, the second largest emitter of greenhouse gases, “without a doubt, will undermine the agreement” and stated that “it is clear that it will be very, very difficult to speak of a climate agreement without the participation of the largest economy in the world”.

“we had Hoped that the united States would show a greater responsibility and contribute more in the process of multilateral cooperation, rather than add more negative energy to it,” said for its part a spokesman of china’s diplomacy, Geng Shuang. The reaction of the chinese Government, coincided with the signing on Wednesday in Beijing, a joint document on climate by the president of an asian country, Xi Jinping, and of France, Emmanuel Macron, who is on an official visit to the country. The document shall declare that the “irreversible character of the Paris Agreement”, said Macron on Tuesday.


Trump reported its slam to the Paris Agreement to combat climate change, The UN gives the green light to Madrid to celebrate in Ifema the climate summit in a month

“If we want to fulfill this, we will need to increase next year our commitments to reduction of emissions and we must confirm new commitments for 2030 and 2050,” he said. “The cooperation between China and the European Union in this sense is decisive”, he added Macron, who made a call to work collectively.

The output of the united States of the agreement, which will be effective from November 4, 2023, plan, without a doubt, about the upcoming climate summit to be held in Madrid between the 2nd and the 13th of December. The minister for the Ecological Transition spain, Teresa Ribera, and the minister of Environment of Chile, Carolina Schmidt, representatives of the host country and the incoming presidency of the conference of the UN, issued a joint statement that they regret the decision of Trump and wish that the north american country to reconsider “as soon as possible” withdrawal of a tool that represents “a triumph of multilateralism”. Bank, in a statement later, described the decision of Trump as “enormously worrying”, although he was optimistic that “not derail” the process.

Up to 185 countries have ratified the covenant and have submitted plans to cut their emissions of greenhouse gases. Grosso modo, the plans of each Government must meet as a goal, the overall increase of the temperature does not exceed the end of the century the threshold of two degrees above pre-industrial levels.

The us secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, justified the decision announced by Trump, which shall enter into force within a year, for “the unfair economic burden placed on workers, corporations, and american taxpayers for the commitments made by the united States under the agreement”. Pompeo promised that Washington would continue to “proposing a model to be realistic and pragmatic in the international talks on climate”.


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