Moscow is ready to introduce QR codes to control the mode of self-isolation

According to the head of DIT to obtain the necessary code, the Moscow resident will need to have an account on the portal of the Moscow mayor and to fill in a simple form. After that the system generates for the applicant a QR code that will directly save on smartphone, send to email or print. In addition, Muscovites will operate a special call center with specialists that will provide assistance to citizens in generating code.

According to Lysenko, check the codes on the streets of Moscow will be “authorities and organization”.

the head of the Department noted that all the principles of application will be prescribed in the relevant act of the city government.

Earlier it was reported that the app will be launched on 2 April. However, it was stressed that follow with it will not be for all inhabitants of Moscow, but only for those who has passed in a mode of self-isolation on a voluntary basis and pledged to abide by the quarantine, signed an agreement.

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