Moscow is technically ready for launch control mode isolation

Image: portal of the mayor and government of Moscow/Alexander Ivanko.

Moscow is technically ready for operational launch of the system of monitoring compliance with home isolation mode, informs a portal of the mayor and government capital.

“At the moment, its implementation is not required, however, in the case of the deterioration of the epidemiological situation, the system can make fairly quickly”, – stated in the message.

the system Also can earn if will be increased number of violations of the regime of self-isolation. This saves the possibility of getting around the city for a hike to the nearest store or pharmacy.

it is Noted that in the case of the introduction of “smart control” the townspeople will receive a specialized code to confirm his move to Moscow. It is assumed that it will issue through the portal and send it to your phone.

Previously, scientists have told how to get out of the house to avoid being fined for violating the isolation. All questions about commissioned in the capital regime, said the Chairman of the Moscow city Duma Alexey Shaposhnikov.

the Chairman of the MHD answered questions from the community about isolation

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