Moscow online: Alexander Petrov and other stars at the premiere of

Photos: /DSS

February 10, will be pre-screening of Żory Gooseberry family “Ice 2”. The crew of Moscow online will visit the red carpet and mingle with the stars and guests of the event.

the Film “Ice”, released in 2018, exceeded the expectations of creators, becoming a national hit. It is therefore not surprising that a love story of a skater Nadi Lapshin and hockey player Sasha Gorina performed by Aglaia Tarasova and Alexander Petrov demanded to continue.

In the second part Nadia and Sasha got married and dream of a child. However, the price that they need to pay for this dream, unimaginably high. Will our heroes be able to make a sacrifice and go through all the turmoil associated with it? We learn in the movie.

the artists from the first film – Aglaia Tarasova, Alexander Petrov, Maria Aronova – joined Nadezhda Mikhalkova, Yuliya Khlynina, Sergey Lavygin and the young actress Vita Kornienko.

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