Moscow online: how to sort waste in the office and give food to the needy

Photos: Moscow 24/Alexander Avilov

on February 12 at the design factory “Flacon” will gather key experts, processors, and authors of projects in the field of waste management. They talk about the need to recycle and benefit from this process.

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11:15 – “the Role of points of reception of secondary raw materials from legal entities and population in the conditions of formation of new system of waste management”.

we will focus on the creation of points of reception of recyclable materials in public and commercial spaces. The owners of office buildings will learn how to establish waste collection sites and to establish relationships with pererabotchiki on favorable terms.

12:45 – “the Prevention of food waste. Socio-ecological and economic aspects of foddering in contemporary Russian realities”.

during the meeting, experts will describe how to implement unused products and food in shops and restaurants.

See the broadcast on 12 February at 11:15 on this page, or portal Moscow online. Stream may be delayed due to objective reasons, thank you for your understanding.