In the state Duma appreciated the article about the obstacle to the United States in the

Image: portal of the mayor and government of Moscow

First Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on international Affairs Dmitry Novikov appreciated the article about the obstacle to the United States in the “war” with Russia, reports RT.

“it is Bad that actually heard all sorts of predictions and speculations on possible military action. This creates an increasingly difficult situation. In the world, and so has accumulated a lot of weapons,” – said Novikov.

He expressed the opinion that such publications are increasingly began to appear because of hostility to the Russian people, which is carried out for a long time.

Previously, the publication Breaking Defense published an article which stated that the river can stop US to win the “war” with Russia.

the Publication highlighted difficulties with the passage of American tanks on the bridge which can rarely withstand the weight of more than 55 tons, while the weight of some tanks exceeds 60 tons.

In November of last year, American analysts estimated chances of a victory in a possible war with Russia. They noted that the country could take effective military action only against Russia and China.

In late December of last year Vladimir Putin said that the share of modern weapons in the nuclear triad of Russia has reached 82 percent. The head of state noted the significant success of the Armed forces of the Russian Federation for the year 2019.

In particular, was improved system of interaction and communication, reconnaissance and electronic warfare, as well as adopted the latest technology to work with information.

under existing programs by the end of 2024, the level of equipment of the army and Navy with modern weapons and appliances should be not less than 70 percent. The head of state said that Russian equipment must exceed the foreign models.

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