Moskvarium produced informative video materials on aquatics

Image: portal of the mayor and government of Moscow

Moskvarium at ENEA launches a series of educational films about aquatics, informs a portal of the mayor and government of Moscow.

the Videos were published on the YouTube channel of the aquarium and on the official pages in social networks. The complex is now closed.

the stories tell about the most unusual aquatic inhabitants “Moskvarium”, the their diet and daily routine and the peculiarities of their relationships with people.

“to travel to different areas of our planet, meet the amazing inhabitants of the World’s oceans is now possible from home, sitting at the computer or watching the scene on the screen of any gadget”, – told in “the Moskvarium”.

Video placed on YouTube channel and social media 12:00 a few times a week. The online program of the center, “encyclopedia of the World’s oceans” will be updated in the coming months.

Previously, the Moscow theater “Sovremennik”, Moscow art theatre Chekhov and “the Practice” announced the launch of online projects due to restrictions at public events due to the coronavirus.

So, in the Chekhov Moscow art theatre, launched the heading “Our response to the quarantine,” in which actors will share with the audience their life outside of the theater.

the Theatre Practice has announced a performance workshop Kudryashov “Constellations”. A “Contemporary” launched antivirus online project “Doctor Chekhov”.

Russian President Vladimir Putin extended holidays until the end of April. In Russia now was 3548 cases of coronavirus infection in 76 regions, Moscow accounts for most of them – 2475. Discharged on recovery during the day, 45 people, 25 of them in Moscow. Total discharged 235 people.

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