‘t Forget Bentley and Rolls Royce: The most expensive SUV in the world comes from China and is expected to cost the proud two million. This price is required for the basic version, to be spoiled in the upgrade of the Karl man King to four million. Then the Brummer has a armor.

car Width

The bizarre vehicle is built on a Heavy-Duty Pick-up. Under the rugged body, a Ford F-550. Including a 6.8-Liter V10 engine of the Ford, should make 400 HP.

Russian off-roader Partisan One – the Russians-SUV from the Ikea box Of Gernot Kramper

The Karl man King is mainly one thing: huge. The Behemoth is six tons and 2,50 meters wide. 2,50 meters is the absolute limit for heavy Trucks. Who is even wider, as a secured convoy of wide loads on the roads. No armor, weighs the Karl man, only 4.5 tons.

His counterpart, therefore, is also not a normal SUV, even the Lincoln Navigator looks meager next to a Karl man, he is more in line with the new crew Transporter of the US army, the Oshkosh JLTV. In the Karl man may not come, at 140 km/h. Inside, he looks like a palatial Suite in the Donald-Trump-style. Champagne-fridge and an espresso machine are available to the passengers. You reside in a luxury cabin, by a thick slice of the driver is separated from them.

E-Bike Kit from Russia place on the forest road – the Russians-tank

In Russia, developed a kit that makes a mountain bike an Armata tank. 2000 watts of power to conquer every Trail – and- price idea is 1000 euros.

Gernot Kramper especially powerful

Only ten Karl man-King to ever be built, so the Chinese manufacturer. Supposedly they are made in Germany. How the Chinese came to the namesake of Karl, man, remains a mystery. Karl man, the brother and rival of Charlemagne. The Mitkönig was pushed to the edge.

Charles man is not the work of a mad designer. Behind the military SUV, the Chinese company is IAT. IAT is one of the largest development offices in China and works with almost all of the major Chinese automotive manufacturers.



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