The Volkswagen group is now the third family SUV. According to Skoda Kodiaq and Tiguan Allspace of the Tarraco of the Seat. The fiery Spaniard is mounted like its cousins, by the way, in Wolfsburg, Germany. With a starting price of 29.980 Euro Seat offers a big SUV at an affordable price. In the Cockpit of the free-standing tablet falls down immediately-like touch screen in the eye, which is still eight inches tall, but in the next stage of expansion, ten inches. Anyone who wants to can give his Seat with Gestures or by wizard (Amazon Alexa) voice commands.

Crossover: Seat Tarraco – the next giant SUV rolls up to Fullscreen

The Seat Tarraco is the SUV and the flagship of the Spanish VW subsidiary

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The Seat Tarraco, the base is shared with the Tiguan Allspace and the Skoda Kodiaq. This is the well-known modular transverse Toolkit with the long wheelbase. And with 4,74 meters from the Tarraco is grow quite. In the second row even tall passengers to sit comfortably. The third series is recommend for children only.

The trunk varies from 760 up to 1920 litres – the is handsome. The beefy Kodiaq that offers a bit more, the Tiguan Allspace with 1775 litres significantly less. The family Van Alhambra ranks with its 2430 litres, the SUV. The load space is flat, folding the passenger seat down, fit in, loads of 2.73 meters in length.

In the Outer of the Tarraco takes bond to the grille design of Audi, the band of light was inspired by Porsche. The overall impression is because of the length of the vehicle but more powerful than sporty. Chic and quality, the new wood look is in the Cockpit.

potential for improvement in the Sprint

In terms of sporty steering and the Seat stands out, however, Kodiaq and Allspace. The adaptive suspension like in the tight but not uncomfortable sport mode. The Interaction between the seven-speed dual-clutch transmission and four-cylinder Diesel, in contrast, offers potential for improvement. The gearbox robs the 190-HP four-cylinder significantly Temperament. You want to accelerate, there is a short Pause before the car is really Gas. After eight seconds, the Tarraco Tempo reaches 100, the peak is reached at 210 km/h. Then he should consume 7.6 liters. Due to the Diesel crisis, the 2.0 TSI-petrol engine with 190 HP. As of February 2019, the Seat Tarraco is at the dealer. In 2024, the model range by a Plug, is complemented-in hybrids.

With the Tarraco Seat sends a serious competitor in the race. Ultimately, the Seat, Tiguan Allspace and Skoda Kodiaq are so close together that many of the customers decide to the price. According to the price the dealer actually have to pay, and not the values that are in the prospectus.

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