Who’s moving into a rented apartment, should look at floors, walls and Ceilings very carefully. Because, as in the case of a mother from Brisbane, Australia, shows, you can never know enough about his future apartment. Cleaning out the house she came to a interesting Detail, which relates to the kitchen floor.

mother’s experiments with detergent – suddenly you discovered something about your floor tiles

Jade Jenkins was for a long time of the opinion that the dark grey of the tiles corresponded to the colour of the floor covering. As they experimented, however, one day, with a new detergent, she noted – the dark lining was absolutely no color. In fact, the tiles were covered quite a bit brighter and just a layer of dirt. In the closed Facebook group, “Mums Who Clean,” she reported of your discovery, and your ingenious cleaning trick.

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an Australian mother has her kitchen floor to a high gloss

“We live for rent and I mopped the floor just to get a normal wet and never noticed how bright the ground is actually!”, the Online Portal, The Mirror quotes the contribution of the mother. You’ve used to Clean anti-bacterial cleaning tablets Polident, which are actually used in dentures.

you mixed three of the dissolvable cleaning tablets in a bucket with five litres of water and filled a part of it in a spray bottle. In order for you to distributed the mixture in the joints as well as on the tiles and wiping off the dirt with a MOP away. The Before-and-After look she shared on Facebook. Now she has to clean the whole house in this way.

your opinion is asked!

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