Many young women have you as a role model – Yovana Mendoza Ayres has 1.3 million Followers on Instagram and is thus one of the ranks of the Instagram-Influencer, put yourself and your life-style digital. Photos of had been prescribed with melon in Hand, or an Orange nuckelnd: The 29-year-old Californian out of San Diego entirely to the vegan life-style – with fatal consequences for the young woman.

digestive problems and for the period from the due to supposedly healthy food

for Six years it was for Mendoza only fruits and vegetables, no animal products such as meat, eggs or cheese. But they went further: If the young woman cooked, heated the ingredients not more than 45 degrees Celsius, as the image reported. But then her days were suddenly at 29 years of age, which is why the young woman left to investigate. Doctors diagnosed deficiency, which they attributed to their mix of vegan nutrition and raw food.

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The physician had Mendoza warned, you stand physically a short time before the menopause and advised her to start eating animal products. Not only your period, Yovana Mendoza also had digestive problems. Their complaints had to move the 29-Year-old to upgrade your meal plan, as explained in the Youtube Video:

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Is a vegan diet unhealthy?

Who wants to eat vegan, although many of the important nutrients via vegetables and fruits, such as dietary fiber and trace elements. Some vital substances such as Omega-3 fatty acids in oily fish and eggs, however, must be supplemented. A physician nutrition specialist Anne Fleck said of the image: “It suggests that the woman suffers from a lack of nutrition. Who eats vegan needs to ensure a solid nutritional Supplement.”

Mendoza had not paid attention well enough. The intermittent period could also be a note on critical weight, as the nutrition expert estimates.

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