Munich – Uwe Eckerl has Fans from Japan, India and the USA. The 22-year-old firefighter from Munich is a real Internet Star. Because he keeps his use to-day life in a fun-filled Clips on the Portal, Tik Tok, follow him there 54.000 Users comment on its “projects” the industrious and the like. On the Chinese platform, Tik Tok, Users can set the short Videos. Often it is lip synchronizations of well-known music videos. Especially among young Internet-users, the Portal enjoys great popularity.

“I started with twelve at the youth fire brigade. Two years ago, I have uploaded the Videos,“ says Eckerl, compared to the image. After the response was overwhelmingly positive, started the 22-Year-old his own channel. In the short Clips of the Munich dance or synchronized dialogues from well-known Comedy films. “At some point, the idea to make the Videos in Uniform came. The many make in the United States. Nurses, soldiers and policemen. I also wanted to,“ says Eckerl, the unusual Hobby.

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Unusual Hobby: firefighter from Munich to rotate Videos – of with

problems with his head at the fire are there because of the funny Videos. “Even sometimes when I film,” smiles of Tik-Tok-Star. Your son is a Internet celebrity, remains Eckerls parents yet hidden. “I fancy sometimes the Videos. That I have of 54,000 Followers and a Million Links – you don’t know,“ says the 22-Year-old.

Main occupation of Munich as a civil servant in the service of the tax office. There, the 22-Year-old is for the in-house technology. Inspiration for new Video Clips seem to offer the premises in the Deroystraße sufficient.


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