Update, 21. February: A picture that could not document a rise in society better: A middle-aged woman sitting at the wheel of a Porsche, wearing fur seems content, happy, or on new German on the Internet: happy. But now, a dark secret revolves around the fur-Lady from the lake Tegernsee: you should have killed your husband. The widow was on 6. February because of the urgent suspicion of murder arrested, she’s since been in custody. The charge of investigators: it should be on the death of her 60-year-old husband, a practicing earlier in Munich nd eye doctor, guilty.

suspicion of murder in Tegernsee: 60-Year-old dead in bed found dead

her husband was already at 8. August 2018, in the morning, lifeless in his bed was found. Be added called the house doctor could only determine the death. However, a natural cause, for example, by a life-threatening and lengthy illness, it could not be established – the police have been notified. This is also the normal procedure in a case like this. It autopsy, and a long investigation followed. Finally, there was enough evidence for the competent public Prosecutor’s office Munich II, to obtain an arrest warrant for murder. “A legal medical opinion is that the death cause is clearly in the area of foreign influence,” said Alexander Huber from the police headquarters in upper Bavaria South in Rosenheim after the arrest.

ever Since the wife of the dead man in custody. “Information as Accused in the case were not made by”, reported the Munich chief public Prosecutor of Andrea Mayer. As a witness, you’ve let yourself in for but. This means that these statements had been made before the arrest. Otherwise, the investigators keep a low profile. The motive or a murder weapon, there is no information. The doctor and his wife were in their living area is quite away from the See and from the short, kind Regards known. The husband should have the last cast. May the two of them lived in the one place in Tegernsee, even in two different apartments, but in the neighborhood. For an apartment wife Catherine had made two months before the finding of the corpse of a change in use to an apartment known to the public.

suspicion of murder in Tegernsee: Could this be the murder weapon have been?

For the widow of the doctor is the coveted Tegernsee her second home. Earlier still, among other things, a typical Bavarian name. Was born, the 47-Year-old, however, in Bulgaria, where they should have been trained in a medical profession. She was helped by this knowledge? Because according to the tz information in a syringe, is said to have played in the Commission of the Offence a role. The Prosecutor’s office said. In the case of the Kripo Miesbach was formed for the murder of a working group. The investigators had announced two weeks ago that the investigation could drag on for longer.

+ In this family house in Tegernsee, Germany, lived the wife of the eye doctor. In August of 2018, her husband was found dead update, 12. February:

Tegernsee For a week, the widow (47) of an ophthalmologist (60) sits from the Tegernsee lake, is now in custody. As reported, the woman stands in the urgent suspicion to have murdered her husband. However, there are many questions still seem open.

“The investigative work”, says Stefan Sunday, spokesman of the police headquarters in upper Bavaria South. There is still no new evidence. The woman will stay in prison. Her husband died on the 8th. August. The 60-Year-old was in the morning, lifeless in bed, his wife alerted the doctor.

murder in Tegernsee: Still a lot of questions for the doctor-wife open

noted the death of his colleagues, but could find no natural cause, and reported the case to the police. The Kripo Miesbach prompted a post-mortem examination of the corpse. The medical-legal investigation, according to police, the cause of death was in the area of foreign action.

What are the Tegernseer died, investigators from silence. More information could jeopardise the success of your work. A mystery is why, five months between the death of the eye doctor and the arrest of his wife passed. The police justified the duration of the very long and intricate investigative work.

In the place was the face of the doctor-wife of many quite well-known. You saw them regularly walking while shopping. She lived, according to reports in a large apartment in the center of Tegernsee. Of the police investigation, no one suspected anything.

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Update from the 7. February

Tegernsee – A man is in the morning dead in bed, the wife calls the family doctor. So this summer happen in Tegernsee. However, the physician recognizes: there is something wrong Here. On Wednesday, the 47-year old wife: a murder suspect.

The Dead eye doctor was 60 years old. His practice in Munich, he had given up and was enjoying his retirement in Tegernsee. On the Morning of 8. August 2018 alerted his wife (47) the doctor: her husband, lay lifeless in the bed. The doctors could only say death. However, a natural cause for the demise of his colleagues, he was not. The doctor called the police.

suspicion of murder in Tegernsee: 47-Year-old after months of investigation fixed

It was followed by a post-mortem examination and a months-long investigation. On Wednesday, the police arrested the wife of the dead man in Tegernsee. As the police headquarters of upper Bavaria, tells, there is “urgent suspicion” that she killed her husband. How came the man to death, and what motive could have had his wife, the police is silent. They wanted to give no offenders know the price.

For the investigations are not completed after the arrest for a long time. “We are rather at the beginning”, according to police. In the near term, there are going to be in the area of the Tegernsee valley numerous investigations. For the investigation of the Case, a working group was set up. The police are Miesenbach and the public Prosecutor’s office Munich II.

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it is Proved that the death of the eye doctor was not a natural. A medical report concluded that the death was cause “clearly in the area of foreign influence”, explains police spokesman Alexander Huber. In the context of complex and lengthy investigation, you have collected evidence, on the Basis of the Prosecutor’s office a warrant of arrest have obtained. The wife is heard. For more Details, the police are not. The investigators expect that the investigations drag on for long periods of time.

arrest in Tegernsee case awakens dark memories

The fact brings back memories of a murder that happened over ten years ago in St. Quirin. 24.In may 2008, a Wiesser killed his 59-year-old wife with three knife wounds in the apartment. The perpetrator immediately put a confession. Much more difficult is the situation in the “bathtub murder”, which continues to puzzle. Came to death an 87-Year-old from Rottach-Egern, which was lifeless found in the bathtub. Caretaker, Manfred G. was sentenced to life imprisonment, his lawyer is fighting but more to the resumption of the proceedings.

Into the memory of the robbery murder of a Boutique-owner in the Rottacher Seestraße in November 2012 After a long investigation, a 49-Year-old confessed to the victim with the strap of your handbag smothered. A suspicion of murder was also in the case of the 95-year-old Kreutherin Betty B. in the space, who died in March of 2016. A white-collar workers (53) was accused of, Betty B. not only robbed, but also to have suffocated. From the suspicion of murder, the court acquitted the accused but in June 2018.

Christina Jachert-Maier

only message: In Tegernsee: doctor-wife (47) under suspicion of murder party

Tegernsee – The police headquarters in upper Bavaria South reported up to date: Already on 8. August 2018 were first summoned officials of the crime duration of service of the judicial police inspection Rosenheim and later investigators of the subject’s Commissariat of the judicial police station to Miesbach to a case of death, to Tegernsee.

A 60-year-old man was lifeless found in his bed. The addition caused the house doctor, only death could be found.

first of all, not klärbaren the circumstances of the death entry prompted the criminal investigation of Miesbach and the property of senior public Prosecutor’s office Munich II to further criminal measures, as well as to the arrangement of a medical examination of the corpse.

the doctor’s wife from the Tegernsee lake on suspicion of murder investigations take to

on the basis of the knowledge acquired, and further in the context of the complex and lengthy investigations, obtained evidence of the suspected intentional killing of the 60-year-old victim.

The previously mentioned investigations, the probable cause against the 47-year-old wife of the victim, which is why of the property of senior public Prosecutor’s office Munich II warrant of arrest against the suspects has been obtained.

The 47-Year-old was on Wednesday, 6. February, arrested, and after the opening of the warrant to the competent investigating judge of the district court of Munich in a prison. The investigations of the judicial police of Miesbach and the public Prosecutor’s office Munich II in last.

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