Muscovite drowned in the apartment during the isolation

As it became known “MK” in a rented apartment on Beskudnikovskiy Bulvar lived three men (two from Yekaterinburg, one from Novosibirsk). They worked with the electricians, and the apartment they paid for the organization.

Saturday, March 28, when the quarantine because of the coronavirus, the men retired to the apartment. In order to brighten up leisure, they bought vodka and simple snacks. On the street these days they do not go out, except for cigarettes.

the Trouble happened on the night of April 1. 30-year-old Alex before bed went to the bathroom, colleagues at this time went to bed. About 1.30 one friend woke to the sounds pouring in the bathroom of water. He came to the door several times loudly called Alexei, but he did not respond. On opening the door neighbor found floating in the tub body. The water was pouring about a half hour, but neighbors lost work is not flooded. Alex was alone in his native town he had no family.