Muscovites careless do not respect the quarantine: prayer against coronavirus fools

We, Russians, careless, self-willed and not afraid of any sanctions. Nor strangers, nor his. And — love free. Here, the President announced a week unemployed. The Russians already gasped: “What a surprise!” The fact that this decision is death, many deaths, and let not our citizens, not upset anyone. Braid-while in the case!

“It’s not seven days holiday gift! This is a necessary measure to ensure isolation! Stay home!” Nothing that the Russians didn’t hear. “Vacation!” — all that remains in their heads.

And now, the city parks Packed with people! Filled and spontaneous picnics on the river! And suburban areas they smoke so sweet, delicious smoke! People relax in the large companies, meet with neighbors in the cottages and the local inhabitants of suburban villages. They fry and eat, wiping her fat face with dirty hands, meat. Drinking from shared bottles. Buy coffee with mobile point of sale. Eat popcorn. Chew sunflower seeds. Do not touch the face? Not to touch the mucosa? No, not heard!

Then these same people will make claims to the authorities: “Why are we not cured?!” And only let him try them — those who survive, of course — reply: “what the hell are you even sick?!”

However, in fairness, we must admit that some are trying to master masks. But while not all turns out. Someone is tired! — raise her head or pulls on the chin. And one gifted lady, the awkward individual taking the remedy out of my pocket and because dropping it on the ground, prognuvshis, rose, shook her hand and put the mask on the face. And what’s wrong with it?..

the Mayor of some Italian cities already, and no matter what, shouts from the videos: “Stop hair stylists who go home today! You will be buried in a closed coffin!” But the Russians do not understand Italian. And leave online requests for manicures, pedicures, hairdos, because all the hairdressers — nice the power! — somehow closed. Germany third week sitting home in line quietly, creeping out only products and pharmacy. But when the Germans were an example to us?.. Freedoms, we demand freedoms! And fly on the weekend in Sochi — after a whole week of boredom ahead! To the sea, to the sea! And fall into a state of anger, figuring out what’s there, by the sea, quarantine: “What the hell?! We both wanted to relax…” to Shout our people have learnt to read or at least heard — no!

it would Seem, well, to hell with them! With these insane to the voice of reason, devoid of self-preservation. Let them eat their kebabs fly anywhere and kiss even spat upon the ground. Laws work Darwin, as we know, only improves the population.

But, alas, not in this case. Reckless, courageous and not subordinate to any authority — what we particularly like — and can, of course, to get sick. Or may not. But they will infect others: the old, the weak, the sick, those whose immune system is suddenly not cope with the disease. Perhaps it is us. And realizing the full danger of the situation, law-abiding, but dependent idiots will die. As has happened in many European cities. But who of kebab eaters cares?..

Today, Russia declared widespread common prayer against the coronavirus. Probably about the same asked the faithful in Italy and Spain — is not very helpful… So let’s ask the Lord about sub-zero temperatures, preferably with a Blizzard! Though it may be, will drive people home. And invent a new prayer. She will be called: stupid and stubborn against those who are killing us his foolishness.