Muscovites coronavirus will provide antiviral drugs free of charge

Photos: Moscow 24/Michael Sipko

Moscow Residents with confirmed coronavirus will issue medication for free, told Sergei Sobyanin on his personal website. Specifies that it is Muscovites with a mild form of coronavirus, which are treated at home under supervision of doctors.

“By a physician, they will receive free antiviral drugs”, – said the mayor.

in addition, Mr. Sobyanin said that doctors and other professionals that are involved in the response to the coronavirus, also will receive antiviral drugs.

it is Noted that to deliver medicines will be the ambulance, employees of the clinics and volunteers.

Earlier it was reported that Moscow is imposing new restrictions on the movement of citizens of coronavirus. From March 30 home mode isolation is introduced to all Moscow residents regardless of age.

to Leave the apartment is permitted only in cases of emergency (emergency) medical care, travel to work, if you have to go to work, to the nearest store or pharmacy and also for walking Pets, but no further than 100 meters from the residence.

March 25, Vladimir Putin has declared the period from 30 March to 3 April hours with pay. The decision was taken in connection with the need to prevent the threat of the rapid spread of the coronavirus in the country.

In connection with the nonworking week from 28 March to 5 April in the capital halted work, restaurants, cafes, bars, canteens and other public catering enterprises. The same applies to retail facilities.

in the world, according to the who, recorded over 634 thousand cases of infection with coronavirus.

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