Muscovites were invited to the celebration of carnival in the centers of social service

Photo: Press-service of the Department of labour and social protection of population of Moscow

the Territorial centers of social service (TSSO) has prepared a festive program on Shrove Tuesday, according to the portal of the mayor and government of Moscow.

on Monday, TCSO cross-country guests can have pancakes and talk about the most interesting holiday traditions. Beginning at 13:30.

the Feast “hi, the Shrove!” will be held in the family center “East Degunino”. It will tell about the history, traditions and customs. Beginning at 16:00.

In the branch of “Solntsevo” center “Novo-Peredelkino” will be held a master class “Workshop of wonders”. Everyone will make Souvenirs for themselves and their families. The event starts at 12:00.

on Tuesday, the branch of “Khamovniki” arrange “Pancake dash”. Beginning at 14:30. A branch of the “Khovrino” family centre “Western Degunino” the planned art therapy training for adolescents. The training begins at 16:30.

the Family center “Bereginya” will hold a qualifying round of the contest “Miss Keeper.” All will start at 17:00.

the Resource center for persons with disabilities “craft” invites you to a festive program “Table set – carnival meet.” Offers 15:00. And in the center of social service “Kryukovo” visitors will tell you how to avoid becoming a victim of fraud and who to contact for help. The lecture will begin at 12:40.

on Wednesday, the center of social service “Bibirevo” invites at 14:00 Muscovites at the festival “Wednesday – “gourmand” Park light. In the branch “Kapotnya TTSSO Marino” this day will be an entertaining concert “Carnival teapot – spring birthday girl”.

on Thursday, the branch of “Basmanny TTSSO bourgeois” invites to the traditional carnival festivities. And Friday, live Celtic music you can listen to 13:30 in the branch “Lianozovo” social service center “Bibirevo”.

29 Feb branch “Ramenki TTSSO Prospekt Vernadskogo” invites to a holiday “walk, Carnival”. To continue to celebrate the feast will be on Sunday in the Eastern Degunino.

A more detailed schedule of events can be found on

In this season of “the Moscow Maslenitsa” was launched on 21 February and runs until 1 March. In Central and residential areas of the city stretches 29 venue for the occasion.

the festival will offer more than 210 kinds of pancakes. In addition, citizens will be able to try the pancake soups, pies, pizza and canned fritters.

On holiday in Moscow will bring together mummers and clowns from different countries. They will give residents of the capital, the tradition of celebrating carnival in Bulgaria, Hungary and Italy.

the Festival venues are open to visitors from 11:00 to 21:00 on weekdays and from 10:00 to 22:00 on weekends. This season the festival is held under the motto “More than pancakes.” For guests was prepared by more than 2.6 thousand workshops, about 320 performances and concerts, 95 outdoor games and amusements of Shrovetide, as well as numerous food show.

the Traditional location of the festival – Manezhnaya square, Revolution square, the transition between them, Tverskaya square, Zaryadye Park, street, School, trade Union, Gorodetskaya, Mitinskaya, Matveevskaya, Svyatoozerskaya, Pererva, Khachaturian, Timiryazevskaya, Walnut Avenue, the Boulevard of Dmitry Donskoy, Slavy square, square Galyanovskoe pond, Playground on lavender Boulevard in Troitsk, Youth square and the Boulevard area of the 16th district in Zelenograd – will work for guests, all 10 days of the festival.

In the final three days of the holiday will unfold, including in the capital’s parks Sokolniki, Krasnaya Presnya, Fili, Izmailovsky, Kuzminki, Lianozovsky, Babushkinskaya, as well as in the Park on Olonetsky journey.

last year, a gastronomic festival began more than 4.9 million people who acquired over 400 thousand pancakes and took part in the 1.5 thousand workshops.

Festival “Moscow Maslenitsa” will be held at 29 venues

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