Musictory: who was Dali genius or madman

Photos: Moscow 24/Lidiya Shironina

on 17 February at the Russian state children’s library, the poet and writer Dmitry Makarov will continue to acquaint us with the great masters of painting and art. This time the viewers will get to lecture on “Tight shoes Salvador Dali”, dedicated to the work of one of the most mysterious and extravagant representatives of surrealism.

Salvador Dali is the author of almost 1500 works, among which are painting, drawing, and sculpture. The artist was also a brilliant writer, decorator, and jeweler. But what many of us remember about him, except for his unusual moustache?

Dali became one of the first artists that put a lot of effort and talent to create a work of art from itself. Life Given can be regarded as an endless series of outrageous and sometimes not harmless pranks.

About his paintings many ordinary people can say: “This is the work of a madman!”. So who is this Given? Never a bored genius, endowed with many talents, or mentally ill? A brilliant playwright’s own destiny or, as he called himself, is an artist, putting on tight shoes, coming to a new creative challenge? To these and other questions will be answered by the writer and poet Dmitry Makarov

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