The female G spot is a mystery. Little is in fact been proven, so let’s start at the best of what is undoubtedly. The man who found this Hotspot or invented? – is the German gynecologist Ernst Gräfenberg. Hence the Name, G is for Grafenberg. He was very interested in the female orgasm, and we want to credit him first.

In his 1950 published article in the “International Journal of Sexology” explains Grafenberg, “the anterior vaginal wall below the Urethra is the seat of a distinct erotogenic Zone and that this in the treatment of female sexual deficiency should be given a greater importance.” With other words: There is an area within the Vagina that leads through Stimulation to orgasm. You have two fingers about five centimetres into the Vagina and pushes it in the direction of the abdomen, feels the tissue there is rougher.

But is this G-spot really is the key to female orgasm?

Yes and no – and to understand this answer, we need to look at the female orgasm closer. There is the clitoral orgasm, triggered by the Stimulation of the clitoral glans, is a comparatively straightforward matter.

Mysterious is the vaginal orgasm. Can a woman, if “just” a Penis enters your Vagina? “No,” say many women quietly – and often only to their Girlfriends. If you can speak with your partners about it, they are often baffled and do, not infrequently, desperately in search of the G-spot, often inspired by the instructions for use in so-called men’s magazines.

file number XX – the author of The female abdomen is as exciting as uncharted: physicians, he is a mystery, and men, he makes for fascination, but for women, it often produces feelings of shame and doubt. Heike Kleen wants to do away with widespread prejudices and female Pride arouse. Of amazing activities and latest research results from this area and other aspects of femininity, she tells the future in this series. Kleen is a freelance journalist and TV writer for talk shows on ARD, ZDF and NDR. Your non-fiction book “The day book” was published in 2017 in the Heyne publishing house.

We are the victim of an orgasm-hierarchy, which makes it the most beautiful thing in the world is unnecessarily complicated: The clitoral orgasm is considered to be mere craft, of the vaginal orgasm as a high art in the love game. Blame none other than Sigmund Freud, in 1905 declared the clitoral orgasm is immature, and in need of treatment, while the vaginal orgasm was the only true for the adult woman: “Is the Transfer of the erogenous excitability from the clitoris to the vagina has succeeded the entrance, so the woman has changed so its for the later sexual actuating conductive Zone.” Particularly insidious: the woman in the “normal” sexual intercourse to a climax, the Problem, the evaluation of Freud. A blank theory, the haunting, astonishingly, until today, in the minds of many.

The French Princess, and given to Napoleon’s, Marie Bonaparte, led in 1927 to a high-risk Operation – which is illustrated in Liv Strömquists Comic “the origin of The world” gorgeous. In the hope to finally be able to have a vaginal orgasm, which Freud follower of your clitoris surgically in the direction of the Vagina embarrassed – but it was not successful. How much more pleasant and promising, it would have been to put instead the Hand of her husband, Prince George of Greece and Denmark, on her clitoris.

More on the subject of orgasm in women, Come on!

the discovery of The G-spot by Grafenberg seemed to simplify things significantly, especially in the male logic: Finally, the button was identified, the vaginal orgasm could be triggered. If the classic Sex led to orgasm, had to be the button is broken. An idea, the most resourceful intimate surgeons today make Use of them: they offer a spraying of the G-spot with the body’s own fatty tissue or with hyaluronic acid and promise of the patient, to come easier to the vaginal orgasm. This medical procedure takes only half an hour, costs around 1200 euros, and must be repeated regularly, because the sprayed Material builds up quickly. So turn the pit of the Vagina in a gold.

For the sum you could afford, as a woman, probably a multi-day Tantra Seminar, numerous call boys, or an 18-Karat Gold-plated Dildo. Just for the idea.

the Measurement of The clitoris

But we devote our time to the latest research. The suggests that we should stop to separate between klitoralem and vaginal orgasm. Because we know since 1998 that the clitoris extends deep into the female abdomen. Its almost ten centimeters long, swelling body to the softness of the inside of the Vagina and Vulva and to the point, the G-spot is called. “The G-spot in the front wall of the Vagina is understood by many researchers today as a part of the front of the clitoris root,” writes Naomi Wolf in her book “Vagina”.

More on the subject of a psychotherapist in an Interview, “Just porn a large print”

This realization is as revolutionary as at the time of the discovery of the G-spot. Clitoris, Vagina, and all the above points belong to the same complex network of Nerves. So no orgasm can be right or wrong, better or worse. No point needs desperately to be found, and not only for women but also for men a lot of pressure from the thing. There are innumerable Places whose touch can excite a woman, and each time they are different. Who is attentive and sensitive, and can be found in the search for new pleasure points – you do not need to rename the same.

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