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The man in the photos, upper-lip-not even a moustache. Times he is something of a fuller, leaner. He is but in any case: one of the most powerful Mexican crime bosses – maybe even the most powerful of all.

Nemesio Oseguera, called “El Mencho”, is considered to be so dangerous that the US government doubled recently, the bounty on him to tens of millions of dollars. Well, Oseguera, was U.S. Minister of justice Jeff Sessions in front of the press joined.

For one, the fact that the authorities seem to have no current photos of him – the pictures are all several years old. On the other Oseguera is likely to have the doubling of the bounty as a confirmation of the perceived – especially since the United States consider anti-trust “Cártel de Jalisco Nueva Generación” (CJNG) as one of the “five most dangerous TRANS-national criminal organizations in the world”.


The CJNG, according to U.S. drug investigators for the smuggling of at least five tons of cocaine and five tons of Metamphetamine per month in the United States. Osegueras biggest goal is that the Sinaloa cartel as the most powerful criminal organization of Mexico, and above all in New York in detention sitting leader Joaquin Guzman, “El Chapo”, as the Boss of the bosses to replace.

Oseguera, 52, has come a long way. Today, he manages the most dangerous, most bloodthirsty and most expanding criminal organization in Mexico. He started as a kind of Junior partner of the Sinaloa cartel in the important state of Jalisco, with its metropolis of Guadalajara. 2010 finished “El Mencho” the Alliance is me, “El Chapo” and built up his own syndicate. As almost always in such cases, bitter enemies were from partners.

Since then, experts observe a steep rise of the “Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación”. According to “insight crime”, on Organized crime in Latin America, specialized in U.S.-news portal operated by the group in at least 22 of the 32 Federal States of Mexico and has snatched, according to the independent crime expert Alejandro Hope the Sinaloa cartel, especially the ever-growing market for synthetic drugs.

From a farming family to the top of a cartel

This is due to changes in the antitrust landscape, but also on the self for Mexican conditions of extreme brutality Osegueras and his organization. In 2011, the CJNG dropped 35 corpses of torture victims on the streets of Veracruz. In 2013, raped and killed by CJNG-Gangster a ten-year-old, you were mistaken for the daughter of a rival. 2015 CJNG-Killer killed a man and his son in the primary school age, by installed sticks of dynamite to their bodies and detonated.

Oseguera comes from the village of Uruapan in the Western state of Michoacán. There, he grew up in a family of Avocado farmers. As a young man he went as a Migrant without papers in the United States. But he was dealing, apparently, with Heroin, was arrested in his home recorded. In the small town of Tomatlán in Jalisco, he joined the local police. As he met his future wife, Rosalinda who was working as an accountant for the criminal organization “Milenio cartel”, he switched sides again. At this time, investigators say, began the climb to one of the most dangerous drug lords in Mexico.

This began with the recent arrest of El Chapo in January 2016, and his extradition to the United States a year later, particularly to travel.

public enemy number one

In the Sinaloa cartel, there were succession struggles between guzmán’s sons Iván Archivaldo and Jesús Alfredo, called “Los Chapitos”, as well as Dámaso López Núñez, earlier guzmán’s close Confidant. The CJNG took advantage of the weakness of the competition to snatch the Sinaloa syndicate smuggling routes and areas.

In Mexico, El Mencho “applies” for 2015 as a “state enemy number One”. At the time, succeeded his cartel on 1. In may, the lock Six-million city of Guadalajara burning with road as well as attacks on shops and security forces in fear and terror. The criminals even managed to have a military helicopter to shoot down, which makes it clear that the organization also has weapons of war.

In August of 2016, “El Mencho” probably, also, the two “Chapitos” kidnap. Only five days later, they came against the payment of a ransom, and possibly other field assignments again. In the world of the cartels, this was a humiliation of the opponent and at the same time, a sign of its own strength.

Video: My Mexico – drug-war, violence, and corruption

Video dbate.de

Who is so powerful, enemies. Hardly a Person in Mexico is likely to be better guarded as “El Mencho”. Be protection of persons should make the the Mexican President in the shadows. Oseguera has Ex-elite soldiers of the army and Navy as a bodyguard. His closest security ring consists of 20 men, all of which are equipped with rapid-fire guns and grenade launchers. Oseguera know that the investigators are always on the heels. His wife, Rosalinda, Ex-Finance boss of the cartel, was caught in may. His son, Rubén, called “Menchito”, sits in prison and waits for his extradition to the United States.

Rubén Oseguera gonzález, “El Menchito”

Nemesio Oseguera was called “pathologically suspicious”, says crime expert Hope. The drug boss probably is in the Region of El Grullo, in the southwest of Jalisco is hidden. In the hardly accessible to the Hinterland, he should have his houses, where he knows every angle. And the population protect him, says expert Hope.

in Addition, the Governor of the state, Aristóteles Sandoval, his protective holds, apparently, the criminals in Mexico is quite usual in the relationship of politics and Organised crime at the highest level.

Sandoval’s term of office ends in early December. Whether his successor will respect the possible agreements with the CJNG, is open. Especially as the future President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, of the 1. December takes office, the Compounds of the cartels in the legal economy and in the policy particularly wants to fight.

Summary: Under Mexico’s drug cartels indicates a changing of the guard. For a long time, Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán as the most powerful drug boss. After his arrest and extradition to the United States, the gang “Jalisco Nueva Generación” (CJNG) fills increasingly the gap. Once a Junior partner of Guzmans Sinaloa cartel, meanwhile, according to US investigators, one of the “five most dangerous TRANS-national criminal organizations in the world”. CJNG-chief Nemesio “El Mencho” Oseguera as extremely suspicious and brutal. The USA have suspended him for a bounty of tens of millions of dollars.


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