Named regions with the most expensive and the cheapest meat

Image: portal of the mayor and government of Moscow/Denis Grishkin

Specialists of Rosstat found the regions with the most expensive and the cheapest meat. It is reported portal

the Greatest price growth, experts said the lamb, except for boneless meat. A kilo of mutton took 422 rubles, which is 13 percent higher than in 2018. In addition, it became more expensive and beef – the lowest price for this product was in Tuva (266 rubles), and the highest set in the Kamchatka region (554 rubles).

Closes the three most expensive types of meat Turkey. The average price for this meat ranged from 362 to 376 rubles per kilogram (this indicates a growth of four percent).

As stated to Rosstat, decreased in fact, only the cost of pork. This trend affected both bone and boneless meat. While within the country the cost of the product may reach 210 rubles (Chuvash Republic) and 565 rubles (Chukotka).

Earlier it was reported that Russian scientists plan to launch an artificial horse. According to preliminary estimates, the first such Burger needs to appear on the shelves after three years.

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