Update from the 06.07.2019: “What a great picture”, “Beautiful” – so excited Nazan Eckes’ Fans watching their new Instagram are the-Posts. The “Let’s Dance”Star is recovering, particularly in the summer holidays in Turkey from the exciting, but also stressful time in the case of the RTL-dance show and his Fans, of course, to be a part of.

So Eckes‘ Instagram Account, see Nazan already several snapshots, clothed you, only slightly, and in front of the beautiful backdrop of the show. The 43-Year-old seems to show your thanks to the hard dance training hardened body – much to the delight of most Users. Numerous Fans find your pictures just “beautiful” and the presenter would ask even like to swap for a day, the figure.

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#sunset lover free to play game.

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Nazan Eckes: Enthusiastic praise and angry criticism for sexy holiday images

a Instagram Post would not be complete if not also critics of the professions would feel, to get the word out. So there is, after all, the enthusiasm of the Fans, but also a few that nag at Nazan’s Posts. “Hmm, the Popo looks like a old grandma, the little bit of what is there”, means, for example, in the comments. Other my also, Nazan is also very thin, packing their criticism, however, get more words and ask the presenter to continue to lose weight.

The majority of Users is a “beauty”, and your vacation Posts to find Nazan but “also very nice”.

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Blue sky, sunshine… Had a very nice day. How was your? free to play game. #alarmstuferot

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Nazan Eckes and the traces of the “Let’s Dance”-participation

Accordingly, the most discerning of Nazan’s Fans that “Let’s Dance” beautiful traces left. That does not seem to apply, however, necessarily also for your former partner to dance with. Because Christian Polanc answered Nazan’s question, as for the day the User was, with a wink, as follows: “I Have tried unsuccessfully to be productive in the office four months ‘Let’s Dance’ work,” he writes.

But while the two a few weeks ago, still at “Let’s Dance” across the stage swirled and at the end of only the finalists to the winner Pascal Hens defeated had to give were some spectators also of the opinion that the former candidate of the RTL-dance show had become muscular (see below).

As a woman should be able to make it someone else’s right. Perhaps, therefore, it is very good, Nazan can just bypass the holiday relaxed and just relaxed then, hopefully, even with the negative comments.

Nazan Eckes with a drastic change – photo-heated the minds

first message from the 11.06.2019:

Nazan Eckes knows how to enthuse their Fans, actually: In “Let’s Dance” she sets out with her dance partner Christian Polanc week in and week out top performances on the floor. In the meantime, the Duo is in the semi-final of the RTL Show.

Nazan Eckes post photo in front of “Let’s Dance”-semi-finals

on Instagram, the presenter of your 220.000 Followers on a regular basis with Updates from your personal and professional life spoiled. A recent photo shows the 43-Year-old now, but clearly more defined than usual: Under your “Let’s Dance”Outfit, a respectable six-pack of a hint of curves barely something to see:

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If you’re in a Samba mood… @letsdance @tvnow.de @rtlde @christianpolanc #because is fun

A post shared by Nazan Eckes – official (@eckes.nazan) on Jun 4, 2019 at 12:38 PM PDT

in Front of the “Let’s Dance”-semi-finals Fans argue about photo of Nazan Eckes

your Fans will react a little excited: “Much too thin”, writes become a Follower in the comments to the image. Another one no longer says: “I find That beautiful. Eat a few servings of ice cream.“ Other Fans want these negative comments are: “dream figure, wow. If some say You’re too thin, they’ll all have a blast,“ said another Fan.

What do you think of the current Eckes photo on Instagram?

Until the beginning of may, Nazan Eckes provided with another Backstage photo caused a stir. The reactions at the time: “Hot, Hot, Hot”. Now, the presenter is photographed themselves in quite a different way. Also, a juror Motsi Mabuse showed up on Instagram unusually sexy. In our Ticker to “Let’s Dance” we will keep you informed of the current season to date.



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