Brühl (dpa/tmn) – Renault prepares for the Start of the next Kangoo. As harbingers of the van, it will be in 2024 as a commercial vehicle and family car, have shown the French, now a study and the production model within a year announced. to close

After the current show piece of Kangoo Z. E., which is suitable as an electric vehicle whirs, the Kangoo when the generation changes a little closer to the Car. For this, he gets more contoured flanks and clearly emphasized wheel arches. In addition, the French make an elaborate LED-signature in view. In the commercial vehicle world, he will take back the sliding doors and the longitudinally split tailgate.

information about the drive and features Renault power. However, parts of the Kangoo well as in the past, many of the components with the Clio, and so, for example, with the Mild-Hybrid engines of the change in generation benefit.


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