Martha Stewart is an American TV presenter, TV chef, and author. In addition, she is an avid Kreuzfahrtfan and has for passengers tips on how to pack the best suitcase for the Voyage.

cruise-tips by Martha Stewart: So you should be the case

Stewart had crossed the ocean three times on a TRANS-Atlantic cruises, such as the Portal, This Is an Insider reported. For voyages Stewart recommends, is to keep the packing list as short as possible.

“The lighter, the better. The less clothes, the better,” she said. “I always take a duffel bag. I told everyone to just take a duffel bag. You don’t need a lot of clothes. This is another pleasant aspect of the cross.”

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What is essential is a camera, so Stewart. On their last trip to the Caribbean, where they took country excursions, was your camera for photos and Videos is essential.

“It is so convenient and you can make really great pictures for his family and his memories,” she said. “I always suggest that people take a good camera or a really good iPhone and make sure that you record what you see.”

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