In the U.S. state of North Dakota have been found on Monday four bodies in a company, reports the American news Agency “AP”. The police stated that the four were killed. The building in which the bodies of three men and a woman were found, belongs to real estate company “RJR Maintenance and Management” in the 22,000 inhabitants of the great city of Mandan. The police secures tracks on the entire company premises. “It’s a pretty big scene, so it will not be easy, the investigation quickly complete,” said police chief Jason Ziegler on Monday, compared with the “AP”. So far there is no evidence on the sequence of events. Also, the identification of the victims is not yet complete, as the police said.

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Posted by RJR Maintenance & Management on Monday, 1. April 2019

officials searched on Monday for all office areas, and storage to the rear of the building. If you wanted, as long as identify on-the-spot, until you’ve ensured all of the evidence that would be required to continue its investigation, – said Ziegler. Before the company had gathered in the meantime concerned members of staff behind the police barriers.

sequence of events: the police is clueless

the background of The fact, to give the investigators of the mystery. Although the police believe that the four bodies had come through third-party negligence to death. According to Ziegler, it was clear that “another Person for the killing”. However, currently there is no indication of a motive or a possible perpetrator. A danger for the population in Mandan the COP doesn’t see. “It looks as if the fact were an isolated case,” stressed Ziegler. Relationships to other murder cases in the area there are, at first glance, no. The police now wants to evaluate the surveillance cameras of the real estate company and the surrounding businesses. A Manager of a nearby bowling alley, told the “AP,” the police asked for surveillance video of his company. But the Video show only a few vehicles on the road that leads to the surrounding shops.

You had responded to a distress call from the company, police said. When the police arrived on site, they would have found the four bodies. The company remained closed on Monday. According to its Website, 22 family of companies has been operating his business for over 20 years in Mandan and the neighboring village of Bismarck. The services include the sale and leasing of office and residential real estate, as well as storage units.

sources: New York Post, CNN, ABC, Associated Press


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