late last year, Amazon pulled the house through the window. In the Spanish market landed your virtual assistant Alexa, as well as the speakers Echo to take advantage of this voice assistant. But also a new version of the Kindle Paperwhite, the e-book reader with best quality-price ratio of the firm.

Equipped with a 6-inch screen with e-ink and lighting, is an improvement with respect to its previous version, to the which is replaced by a price a little higher. Let us not deceive ourselves: in this type of devices, innovation is very limited and improvements are given with an eyedropper, although yes there are a couple of aspects in which it is worth stopping, as is the case of design or features to improve the reading.

During the past two months, the new Paperwhite has become our main support for reading, with which we have spent around two hours a day checking the quality of the screen as its ease of use, ergonomic to hold, or autonomy, as well as the new developments with respect to the previous model. These are our conclusions.

Analysis and evaluation


ONLINE SHOPPING New Kindle Paperwhite, available on Amazon

The new Kindle Paperwhite is very similar at a glance to its predecessor, with some differences in terms of their design. The first of them is in their dimensions and weight, something smaller. We have not noticed especially in the day-to-day, because what we protect with a sleeve and, once in place, the experience is identical to the one we had until now.

in Addition, this eReader launches materials —the rear is more soft and pleasant to the touch, for example— and a front covered by glass that prevents reflections, even though we’re reading in full sun. Their frames are still large, but it is not something that will bother us; on the contrary, since it is necessary to have enough space to hold it comfortably with your hands. In fact, and as the screen is the same height as the mark, is easier than it might seem to skim the surface touch and which, due to its high sensitivity, we change the page by accident. What would be the solution? Go into the settings and disable the tap to pass or go back a page, choosing instead to change when sliding the finger from one side to the other.

technical specs

Screen: 6”, 300 dpi resolution and built-in light

Dimensions : 167 x 116 x 8,2 mm

Weight : 182 grams with Wifi and 191 grams with Wifi + 4G

Memory : 8 GB or 32 GB

Compatibility : Format 8 Kindle (AZW3), Kindle (AZW), TXT, PDF, MOBI, PRC, HTML, DOC, DOCX, JPEG, GIF, PNG and PPM

Battery : 3 hours of charging, duration of up to 3 weeks

Other : water Resistant up to 2 meters deep.

The new screen displays text very crisp even at night or when there is little light due to the presence of a system of five LED lights (up until now it was four) that illuminates the surface evenly. While in the smartphones or tablets this light is directed toward the eyes, in this device makes it to the screen, avoiding discomfort and fatigue in the view. In addition, it can regulate in function of the needs or preferences of each user.

From the high-end

A little more detail in terms of design: this eReader is waterproof (has certification IPX8) so that it is water-resistant up to a depth of two metres for 60 minutes. In this way, there is no risk if we want to take it to the pool and to the beach to read on the shore, or use it during a relaxing bath. This is just one of the features that were already present in the Kindle Oasis, the best reader from Amazon —you can read the full review here—, and that they have been introduced now on the Paperwhite.

The we like the most is related to the modes of reading. And is that, hidden within the accessibility options, there is a function that allows you to swap the color of the font and the background: the first happens to be the paper color and the second black. Although this mode is intended for people with light sensitivity, for us it is the best option for night reading in bed without disturbing.


Kobo Aura 2 (129 euros). With 6-inch and a technology that allows you to adjust the brightness of the screen, has capacity for 3000 books, and a range estimated at two months.

BQ Cervantes 4 (137 euros). Integrates Wifi technology to buy electronic books, and includes the software Nubico which makes it possible to read the same book on different devices, by buying only once.

SPC Dickens 6 Light (73,76 euros). Your screen, suitable for left or right handed use, allows you to configure various font sizes, margins, bookmark pages…

it Also adds the possibility to create different profiles with a font type, size or configuration of spacing concrete, then pass between each other with a couple of taps —is the option ‘view page’ that appears below the menu when you’re reading a book—. This functionality is very useful when you read in different environments —the public transport, the sofa or the bed— and you usually change the settings between one and another, or when you use the eReader several people.

More space

on the other hand, the new Kindle Paperwhite has more internal capacity: the basic model part of the 8 GB while the upper provides 32 GB. Although the first is more than enough for the majority of the readers are welcome and a few gigs more if you buy audiobooks usually. To be able to enjoy them, so yes, it is necessary to connect a Bluetooth wireless headset or a speaker, since they do not have one of their own, or jack.

the only thing that we have noticed certain limitations is in the autonomy that Amazon figure in “weeks” but during the trials has reached more than 15 days. Not bad, but a slight reduction over the previous model.

The best, the worst and conclusion

best: quality of the screen, possibilities of personalization of the reading, water resistance.

What’s worst: autonomy is more adjusted than in the previous version.

Verdict : although it is not the eReader most advanced of Amazon, yes it is most advisable for most users. This new version is posited as the perfect alternative to become with a reader of electronic books, although the news is not warranted to be updated if you have the previous model.


New Kindle Paperwhite . Dimensions of 167 x 116 x 8,2 mm and weight of 182 grams with Wifi; 6-inch screen and 300 dpi resolution and built-in light; 8 GB of storage memory (expandable to 32); and is water-resistant (IPX8).

129€ at Amazon

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