New time (Ukraine): why Ukrainians go to Davos?

Every year I have the same question, the answer to which I don’t find it: why our people go to Davos? I used to think that it is a fetish when you just want to stand next to the dinner table where I sit and eat others. It’s like girls from the surrounding villages who come into town and photographed against the backdrop of expensive cars.

But then I realized that the main thing is not to stand near the table, the main thing is for him to sit down. Even briefly, for a couple of minutes, but have to go. Because all the while you sit there — you look with envy others.

the Ukraine from year to year is the last, or second to last place in economic and social rankings. Minor fluctuations up and down are mainly statistical error, and no significant effect on the position of the state do not have.

We rose in 78 out of 167 in the ranking “Index of democracy 2019” according to The Economist. But dropped to 56th place out of 60 in the ranking of innovative economies, according to Bloomberg. To rise from the absolute bottom to the middle of the ranking in the index of democracy is an honor, but it is not the merit of the government, it is a merit of the people. And fall to the bottom of the rating of the economy is an absolute achievement power.

And here are our results I have does not tally with enthusiastic speeches, happy photos with panels and receptions, performances and calls for investment in our economy. On the contrary, to be honest, I’m rather ashamed of such results. There is not appeals are no longer needed, and apologies.

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to calls to invest in the Ukrainian economy worked, we must first believe in them yourself. And still need to be convinced of his, not by words and empty promises from the stage, and concrete actions, because words no longer believe. Neither his nor anyone else’s. Why Ukraine is the poorest country in Europe? Because even the richest and most influential it people manage to stay outside of economic relations. They do not understand them, they do not believe, do not practice. They continue to live on the tribal concepts in the world of mysticism, currency totems, shubohranilisch and populist appeals to Western investors. They are invited to invest billions of dollars in economic relations, which are not. In which nobody believes, which no one is.

forgive me, friends, who are now in Davos.

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