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What we do a third of our lives read? Sleep. Anyway, if all goes well. Why does the man at all, how many hours are enough and what will help, if we can’t go to sleep at night? These and other issues is dedicated to TIME ONLINE the focus on “Better sleep”. Suitable Joachim Retzbach has researched for the magazine “brain&mind” how dreams use therapeutically and recurring nightmares.

Maria* had no desire to go to the Party. You didn’t know anyone except the hostess. And actually, she had spent the evening with her daughter, who had to take care of the babysitter. However, the student wants to leave her friend hanging. So you walk on the way.

While it runs along the road, she notices suddenly that her pants is in the crotch all wet: she wet the bed, urine stain is not to be overlooked. Nevertheless, she continues. When she finally arrives at the Party, has sprung up around them a large crowd of maggots and worms. The guests look at them shocked and disgusted. Shame runs through your whole body. Then she wakes up.

“Better to sleep” “Better sleep” – a focus

It is the Season in which many feel they should make better winter sleep. Reason enough to devote ourselves to right now, sleep is even more intense. Why we sleep at all, what happens in the brain, sleep disorders are the new people’s disease, what rest know the research about our night?

All you read in the focus on Better sleep.


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