Cruises are now offered for every taste, from a party boat up to the luxury Tour. Who engages for a cruise deep in the wallet, I want to enjoy the luxury.

passengers have desires, then sometimes certain food – on the ship’s chefs to maximum react strangely, such as a ship’s doctor reported to the British Express.

a ship’s doctor reveals that The cruise chefs to make an absurd food desire

If the passengers of a luxury cruise apply for extra wishes, you must respond to the Crew, of course. No matter how unusual the requests may be. Ship’s cooks are not here, but particularly creative, not to say disgusting, like doctor Ben MacFarlane now revealed to the British Portal.

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Often very wealthy passengers at cruise ordered the chefs Sushi of a different kind: “Obviously, the passion like most Sushi-lovers of the world, nothing better than a bit of Russian Roulette with a bullet-fish,” said MacFarlane. The tingling, the Gift trip in the mouth, and push often on popularity.

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This is Risky, however: people Take too much of the ball fischgifts to, you die. Puffer fish must be cleaned by a specially trained chef meticulously prepared and cooked. Because if the poison is not eliminated fully, the enjoyment of the fish’s deadly: You can feel numbness in the mouth, there is a paralysis, then the breath follows a standstill, and, finally, death.

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This risk would take on Board, of course no one. Therefore, chefs resort to other means to pass the desired tingling act spells on the tongue. A cruise staff member should have tell the doctor: “The chef removes all of the dangerous stuff, and DAB just a little mouth ulcer cream on it.” The concern for “tingling with a much lesser risk of sudden death and a lawsuit”.

Well then, good appetite!

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