Nikita Garchuk: for the Bolsheviks shot Nicholas II liesana

History 02/03/20 Nikita of Garchuk: for the Bolsheviks shot Nicholas II liesana

Rumors that the basement of the Ipatiev house, were executed counterparts of the Royal family and the Romanovs went immediately after killing them. They do not cease and today. In the 1920-1930-ies in the USSR and Western Europe, there were impostors who pretended to be the children of Nicholas II. One of them was Nikita of Garchuk, who called himself Tsar Michael, the illegitimate son of the last Russian Emperor.

From preachers kings

Nikita of Garchuk was a preacher of the Baptist sect of milovancev popular in the southern regions of Ukraine. Having a resemblance to Nicholas II, he decided to use it for their own selfish interests. Among the cultists were a belief of the imminent appearance of God’s chosen man, and Nikita on this wave declared himself first, last Russian Emperor, and later his illegitimate son Michael.

the Impostor claimed that he was born before the marriage of the king, and to be more convincing in the villages went with him a woman named Zenobia Sukhareva, posing as the daughter of the king – the Princess Olga.

Fake pictures, order of the crown for 200 rubles

after their arrest, during the interrogation, Garchuk told investigators, as was his Royal career. Having made the decision to impersonate the son of Nicholas II, Nikita visited Bila Tserkva and Kharkiv, where a photographer ordered pictures, which he supposedly embodied in the Royal family circle: by photo montage face of king George was replaced by the face of the impostor.

Fake photos of steel for the Ukrainian peasants, the main evidence that they face a true Russian Tsar. Garchuk got a uniform, a robe of silk, bought on the capital market order and crosses of Imperial times, and Kyiv masters of Church utensils for 200 rubles ordered bronze Imperial crown.

Together with the accomplices he stakeforces in the villages of Kiev, Ekaterinoslav and Cherkasy regions. Arriving on the farm or in the village, Garchuk was dressed in his outfit, and the local allowance at night drove him to the peasants, who willingly believed the “son,” the priest-king.

Michael is the king of fists

In 1925, the scammer has developed rough activity in the vicinity of the city of Uman, where he lived a lot of allowances. The cultists brought Garcya with the local “kulaks”, who became the main supporters Jeromanova. Nikita started the rumor that soon the USSR would attack Western countries who want to return him the crown. But it will be then, and today it is the one who “will support the king’s” case, after the victory over the Bolsheviks will get the land, privileges and, of course, order. Michael and his supporters were having a secret dinner to discuss the plans for the overthrow of the Communists, and most importantly, the money going to the king, clad in uniform, decked with crosses.

Power issues solved “fists” and a local gang, with whose help the monarchist groups spread throughout the South. Disagree with the program “king” and those who gave a little donation for his good cause, threatened.

End Lucara Michael

in the Autumn of 1928 the KGB of the city of Uman has received reports that in the home of Ivan Zakrevsky is a person impersonating Tsar Mikhail. In the village between the task force and supporters of the “king,” a gun battle ensued which lasted all night. Day swindlers have detained, and in one of the sheds was found a cache of weapons, ammunition, drugs, food and the list of persons who donated money for the restoration of the Romanov dynasty.

In April 1929, 36-year-old Nikita of Garchuk and all his “Royal court” consisting of the accomplices of Alexander Copco and brothers Zakrevsky, was shot. The rest of the people involved in the case, has received substantial prison terms.

In the early 1940-ies in the Cherkassy region of the Ukrainian SSR was still going rumors of the miraculous salvation of “the king.” In 1942 the peasants of the district of Berdichev even arrhave adalis to the Germans with a request to investigate the case of Michael, but the government refused.

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