Nikita Khrushchev: what you were doing before the revolution future

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Nikita Khrushchev was one of the most memorable leader of the Soviet country. His name is most often associated with two subject – corn on the cob and shoes.

First, Nikita thought “Queen of the fields” and the main agricultural leader of the country. The second is whether he was threatened with a potential enemy, or pretend non-existent knocks a pebble out of the sole, at the meeting of the 15th Assembly of the United Nations. But little is known about pre-revolutionary life of Khrushchev.

the Young Khrushchev

Born on the fourth Chapter of the USSR on 15 April 1984 in a rather poor family in the current Kursk region. In the winter went to school in the summer worked as a shepherd. At the age of 14 when the family moved Khrushchev to Ukraine, became an apprentice mechanic in the Engineering and ironworks, after working in the mine.

Lived Khrushchev in the Ukrainian Yuzovka (now Donetsk) is quite poor. In the barracks 50-70 people was not even banal furniture. Dirty clothes were drying on them hung on the perimeter ropes, and some workers, according to the memoirs of Nikita, celebrated small need directly from the top shelf to the floor.

In his youth, Nikita had a great desire to go to school and get a good education. But against the study was the grandfather of the future General Secretary. The idea about studying the father of Khrushchev responded bluntly: “you’re still in my life for more than 30 rubles not earn, and have nothing to learn.” Khrushchev, leaving at the behest of father school, went to work in the field. Later tried to get an assistant of a shoemaker, but this case he didn’t like. Then the father sent him to work in a local shop the seller.

“Father used to say that the shoemaker never without bread will not stay in boots all need, so I will always have a roof over my head and money in his pocket. I flatly refused, even threatened my dad that if he Zastavit me to work in the shop, I run away from home,” recalls his childhood Khrushchev in his memoirs.

the Dream of the future Secretary General

by the time the revolution Khrushchev was 23 years old. By this time he had worked as a chimney sweeper, a shepherd, assistant technician, and then was promoted to a locksmith and that allowed him to live quite well and in relative prosperity.

the Profession of locksmith has contributed to the fulfillment of the dreams of youth Nikita – have own motorcycle. One day, in one of the German magazines Nikita saw a picture of a motorcycle. Set a goal to collect exactly the same locksmith Khrushchev embarked on his dreams.

From a piece of pipe was welded Bicycle frame on which was mounted a motor of his own design. Assembled by the hands of Khrushchev motorcycle worked for decades.

the Revolution and the establishment of much policy

Earn as much as 30 rubles a month, Khrushchev was considered the eligible bachelor. Wife of the future ruler of the country became his colleague Euphrosyne Petrov, which Khrushchev made the proposal after a few months of field experience. In 1915 they had a daughter, Yulia, and in 1917, three days after the October revolution – the son of Leonid.

From service in the army in the First world war, Khrushchev was released as a skilled worker. In the Civil war he did not last long, soon after the revolution he was engaged in the party life of the country.

Being a man is pretty smart and charming (stout Nikita much later after a serious illness) Khrushchev began quite successfully to build a career in the party, which in 1955 led him to the post of head of the Soviet Union.

Paul of the assumption

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