What happened to the Soviet prisoners hijacked plane in Pakistan

Crime 27/12/19 What happened to the Soviet prisoners hijacked plane in Pakistan

In 1990 a group of Soviet prisoners seized the ship and took hostage 36 passengers and all crew members. The plane convicts hijacked to Pakistan, where they first met friendly, but soon everything changed. The hijackers were in a Pakistani prison, compared to which the Soviet camp – recreation.

the prisoners in a passenger plane

For Yakutia are characterized by a huge distance between settlements and the most convenient in the region a means of communication is air transport. During the Soviet era was common practice to move prisoners to places of detention together with ordinary passengers in regular flights. Prisoners were always escorted convoy, which is often numerically much inferior to the escorted.
19 August 1990 on Board the Tu-34, flying from Neryungri to Yakutsk in addition to 7 crew members and 36 passengers, there were 15 people from the detention center Neryungri. Among them were the racketeers, murderers, robbers, many were repeat offenders. Guarding the group of prisoners a total of three law enforcement officers, with handcuffs was missing and 12 people were flying hands-free.

the sawed-off Shotgun and explosives

a few minutes after the start of the flight, the captain of the ship from flight attendants received the alarm. After that, the girl brought a pilot of note, which spoke of the hijacking of the plane, and if the captain would not carry out the orders of the invaders, they will blow up the liner.
In the cabin of a former athlete and a racketeer by the name Isakov pulled a gun and, having set him on a woman with a child and demanded the guards to surrender their weapons. Recidivist Evdokimov showed everyone a bag with protruding wires. Recidivist said that it’s a bomb that will be detonated if they will not obey. It Isakov and Evdokimov were the organizers of the seizure and the leaders of the group.
Itoiletthe Wii turned out that the bomb was a bar of ordinary soap, similar to the explosives plastic explosive, and a shotgun was present and Isakov got it from pre-bribed guard of the insulator. The police were afraid to risk the lives of passengers and handed over their weapons.
Isakov ordered the pilots to steer the aircraft back to Neryungri, where asked to take on Board from prison two of his accomplices, to refuel the ship, to pass the machine guns, pistols, body armor and several radios. Local law enforcement officers did not dare to attack the bandits and in exchange for the release of all women and children to comply with their requests.
the Plane left and four of the prisoners who refused to join the terrorists. Air pirates went to Krasnoyarsk, where the plane refueled, and then the terrorists flew into Tashkent.

Fly to Pakistan

on the Morning of 20 August, the Board flew to Pakistan and reasons that prompted them to choose this country, is still unclear. One of the hijackers Bobliv, convicted for the murder of a drinking buddy said that the young men among the hijackers was going to offer himself to the Pakistanis as mercenaries in the war with India. One thing is clear, the terrorists are not focused in a real situation and did not know that in Pakistan, for air piracy, they face death.
At the Karachi airport of the terrorists, claiming that they escaped from inhuman Soviet system, are greeted with joy and hugs. They were separated from the hostages and politely asked to surrender their weapons. Prisoners brought into the building of the police Academy, where the escapees-prisoners handcuffed. The plane with the hostages gave the USSR the next day.

the Terrorists in hell

First of all hijackers sentenced to death, but after the court downgraded the sentences of up to 25-20 years. In a Pakistani prison, inmates are always shackled in the form of two rings on the ankles, from which depart the metal bars. Where they converge is the ring at the walk and seat should hold hands in front of him. The heat in overcrowded cells reached 60 degrees, not enough mealss and water. Due to ignorance of the language, dying of thirst Russians, attracted attention to himself, banging his fists and feet in the door.

the sound used by the guards who beat them with sticks. Often the Russians were locked in solitary punishment cells or inserted between the ankles, metre rod, preventing to walk and to move his feet, which after a time caused severe pain. Common punishment was the iron Hoop with a metal bridle inserted in the mouth and which is not removed for weeks.
after two months of imprisonment, two terrorists killed themselves and one died of a heart attack. Prisoners began to write a letter to the Soviet mission requests to return home. Due to poor foreign relations Pakistan has refused to transfer the hijackers in the hands of Soviet justice. In 1992 was the last unsuccessful attempt to negotiate.
Saved the terrorists Amnesty 1998, held to mark 50 years of independence of Pakistan. They were released, but the Russians didn’t have the money to go back home. Six found a way to return to Russia, where they received new terms that take into account the time spent in Pakistani prisons. In the group of hijackers had a couple of Ukrainians, the fate of whom remained unknown.

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