Nikolai Sokolov: as the investigator of the white army was investigating the shooting of Nicholas II

Crime 15/02/20 Nikolai Sokolov: as the investigator of the white army was investigating the shooting of Nicholas II

Nikolai Sokolov very negatively apprehended the overthrow of the monarchy. But because in any case did not want to cooperate with the new, alien power. It is not surprising that, when Kolchak hooked it up to investigate the murder of the Royal family, he fervently plunged into the case. Surely he understood that perhaps he will have to pay for it with his life.

the Investigator-hobo

Nikolai Sokolov was a native of MOKENA Penza province. His father was a fairly wealthy merchant. However, Nicholas decided to devote himself to the service of Themis. He went to the Ukraine to Kharkov, where he graduated from the law faculty of the local University, and then returned home. In 1911, Sokolov has held the position of investigator for particularly important cases.

after 6 years, when the revolution broke out, Nikolai voluntarily left his post. He explained his dismissal ill-health. In fact, the investigator simply did not want to serve the Soviet regime. Besides its origin and the position at a meeting with the Bolsheviks did not promise him anything good. Especially since the falcons already had a plan: he dressed up in clothes of the tramp and went on foot to Siberia, the white Admiral Kolchak. All hopes of Nikolay Alexeevich was connected exclusively with the whites.

murder Investigation

the falcons reached Omsk, where he again became an investigator for particularly important cases. In February of 1919, Nikolai finally went to see Kolchak. He instructed the Sokolov investigation of the murder of Nicholas II, members of his family and confidants. Previous investigators Nametkin and Sergeev did not suit the Admiral.

Kolchak, who proclaimed himself ruler of Russia, wrote Nikolay Alekseevich Charter, according to which all citizens had to fulfill the requirements of the investigator and contribute. Kureroval work General diterihs.

Sokolov personally traveled to Ekaterinburg and Alapaevsk, where again personally inspected the Ipatiev house. He has visited and the tract of Four Brothers where he organized an extensive search operation. The investigator himself was interrogated all possible witnesses and eyewitnesses of the murder. He gathered important information and materials.

during the investigation, Sokolov found that the victims ‘ bodies were dismembered, doused with kerosene and burned, and what little was left of them, destroyed with sulfuric acid.

the Strange death

Meanwhile, the Bolsheviks were advancing. In July 1919, they took Ekaterinburg. Sokolov had to save the materials of the investigation, and he went with them to the Harbin – Russian city in China, where then ran many whites.

from There, enlisting the support of the French General Maurice Janin, the investigator together with them collected the information and went to Paris. He settled in a suburb of the capital of France and continued to work.

Shortly before his death, Nikolai has even published some material regarding the assassination of the Royal family. However, the investigation ended. 23 Nov 1924 Sokolov died. At that time he was only 42 years old. Still the circumstances and causes of his sudden death raise more questions than answers. According to the official version, the investigator had a heart attack.

after a year he published a book called “the Murder of the Royal Family. From the notes of a coroner N. A. Sokolov”. But this work was full of contradictions and distortions. Some experts today doubt that this text really belongs to Peru Sokolov. Only Nikolai knew at least a large part of the truth about the murder of the Romanovs. No wonder the inscription on his tombstone reads: “Your Truth – the truth forever!”

Yulia Popova

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