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19 August 1933 Adolf Hitler was elected Chancellor of Germany. The country was defeated in the First world war, lost many people and a number of areas. Hitler made his slogan of restoring power and greatness of the German Empire. But the methods for doing this he used a rather unconventional: the Fuhrer was of the opinion that during the previous civilizations of humanity possessed now lost secrets of power. And planned to take over the world, getting access to this information.

the Relationship with the Caucasus

In the late nineteenth century, the Abbot of the Benedictine monastery Theodor Hagen a long time travelled through the Caucasus and the Middle East in search of the lost ancient knowledge of the Benedictines. This order was closely associated with the initiation of the Crusades. Hagen brought back from my trip many manuscripts. Their content has greatly influenced the spiritual life of the community. The Abbot ordered a new bas-reliefs, which depicted a swastika. By coincidence, in the monastery choir sang the young Adolf Hitler.

the Sources of the occult ideas of the Third Reich

the Swastika is an ancient Hindu symbol of the sun and fertility. It can be found in the Byzantine mosaics throughout the Mediterranean. It is believed that it protects those objects that are marked. In countries such as India and Pakistan it can now be seen not only in churches but on the bumpers of cars.

the Symbol of the SS brigade became the old Norse rune Siegel is one of the greatest symbols of victory in runic magic. Each organization was rated some of the runes corresponding to its subject.

the Spiritual mentor of these movements became esoteric and mystic Guido von list, author of the pseudoscientific book “the Mystery language of Indo-Germans” and the first neo-pagans. He in his writings he tied the Indian caste system to the real Europe: a theory emerged exceptionalness of certain peoples. In turn, the background Sheet was under the influence of occultist Helena Blavatsky. She spent some time in Tibet and claimed that there exist manuscripts that hides the secrets of power lost civilizations: Hyperborea and Atlantis.

Thus, the basis of the Third Reich was the idea once existed a race of supermen and that she lost power over the Nations. According to this theory, the representatives of this race had lived for centuries and had information about the world of and power.

Ancient civilizations have lost their territories after a number of planetary catastrophes. The Atlantean race spread across the world and took with him the fragments of ancient knowledge.

the Third Reich and the Ahnenerbe

Hitler had sent huge funds for the search for magical secrets associated with the Atlantean race. Heinrich Himmler was the society of the Ahnenerbe – “Heritage of ancestors”. Has organized several expeditions to the Himalayas under the leadership of Ernst Schaeffer. The Nazis tried to establish cooperation with the government of Nepal. Nepalese king Tribhuvan was even donated by Mercedes-Benz, which in this mountainous country almost nowhere to go, and delivered it by hand a few dozen people.

the Germans were interested in the Tibetan Bon religion: its sacred rituals and communication with otherworldly forces. But Tibetan monks told the Germans that this faith has come to them in finished form from the West. Seeing this, the Germans directed their search to the Caucasus.

the Division “Edelweiss” on mount Elbrus

it was August 1942. In the area of mount Elbrus was sent to the 42nd division Fusiliers “Edelweiss” under the command of General Conrad. In the midst of the fighting from the front was lifted about 40 thousand people. What had the Nazis on Elbrus, which was not strategically important object? Why they stayed in the Caucasus, instead of trying to quickly capture the oil regions of the Caspian sea?

In the Caucasus, in particular, in Adygea, is a large number of dolmens – megalithic structures. BelievesXia, that this is the burial of Neolithic times. However, they are located at strategic points and have holes that can be used as loopholes. Moreover, the Caucasus is famous for a large number of people-centenarians. This information served as a support for the theory of a German archaeologist Herbert Ancona that the Caucasus mountains have become one of the outposts of Atlantis. The Germans drew hardy local breed of red horses: it was believed that similar horses have been in Atlantis.

there were rumors that this area is attractive to aliens, there were witnesses who saw a strange glowing flying machines. It was a beautiful tale about the relationship of the descendants of an ancient race with powerful extraterrestrial intelligence. Hitler and his entourage became so convinced of their own theories, which may have hoped not only to find here the ancient mysteries, but also to get in touch with the higher mind, to invincible weapons and take over the world.

the Landing site of the aliens, the Nazis believed Elbrus – a dormant stratovolcano that dominates over the surrounding area. It was planned to climb and with the help of sacred hymns, perhaps to attract the alien ship.

According to some information, together with the Germans there were Tibetan monks. Together with the officers of the SS, they started climbing to the top. They saw the local shepherds who tended cattle on the hillside. Back climbers have not returned. Many years later it turned out that they were caught in an avalanche. The discovery has been called “the Frozen division of the SS”.

the Echoes of the German theories

In Adygea, near the village of Kamennomostskiy, is a large Museum. The Museum is really interesting: there is a huge Ammonites, mammoth teeth, weapons of the Scythians, Mongols, Goths and Alans, relics of the great Patriotic war. In addition, the owner of the Museum Vladimir Melikov also keen on mysticism and studied in detail the activities of the Ahnenerbe. He presents to the visitors the fact that according to him the Nazis were looking for: two strange trapolins skull, which have no mouth and huge eye sockets. According to his version, this skull is none other like aliens. However, this theory did not pass validation scientists: according to paleontologists, the skull belonged to mountain goats. The skull is slightly tweaked, removed the horns and the lower jaw and show visitors the inner side.

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