compensation exempt suit: Tiger Woods can again only on the golfing

©imago images / UPI Photo

Breathe a sigh of relief for Tiger Woods (43, “How I Play Golf”): focus reports such As the Golf website “golfdigest.com” has been released, the action for damages against the Golf Star to fall. The parents of an employee had sued the former world ranking list after the accidental death of her son due to alleged violation of the duty of care. The 24-year-old bartender in Woods’ Restaurant, “The Woods Jupiter” was killed in an accident in December with 2.56 per thousand at the wheel on the drive home. In the lawsuit, had been accused of the Golf Star, he didn’t know about the alcohol problems of his employees.

Woods’ attorney, Barry Postman said to the Golf side, the Deceased had been guilty of his death: “The facts will show that the cause of the car accident is in the many decisions he has made in the night of his death.” Woods’ girlfriend, Erica Herman, however, remains Accused, you are the managing Director of the Restaurants.



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