Almost nine years ago, Samuel Koch bet on the TV show “that..?” with springs on cars was going to jump, and a serious accident. Since he is paraplegic. The actor and former Stuntman makes more and more progress in his mobility.

photos in the “image”-newspaper, the 31-Year-old posing on a wall leaning. The he try with his brother Johnny. For cooking, this success is “no wonder” – but the result of Faith, hope, and a huge battle.

chef trained up to eight hours a day

according to The report, cook has trained his legs for eight months with a special running trainer – an invention from Norway. Per hour, he course of about 4000 steps. Sometimes he was training up to eight hours of the day.

cook is currently working in Mannheim as an actor, he is presented in the play “Judas”. By 2018, he was for four years member of the ensemble at Staatstheater Darmstadt.

sve / DPA


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